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  1. So the scrollwheel of my Mionix NAOS went bust. I can scroll with it, but it won't register clicks which is essential for my everyday use. I was not afraid, cause I had 2 years of warranty so I head back home, search my whole room but I could only find the bill of the mousepad which I bought with the mouse. Purchase date: 2015. 01. 13. :nmad:

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    2. TAdoo87


      That is some amazing engineering work there. :serb:

    3. Fulcrous


      specifically designed to last 2 years :serb:

    4. Dodge94HUN


      I had some issues with it back in the summer but I had to leave Budapest for work and I could not return it and the problem solved itself eventually and now it reappears... FML

      I can't even buy a new one, so I'll have to stick with to this RNG mouse for now.

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