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  1. Fucked up T-44-100 from 94,86 and when I wanted to repair it, I pushed it all the way down to 92... And I also fucked up arty marks by like 5%. Good day... :nmad:

    1. Urshakus


      You are doing marks on arty??? :eww:

    2. Dodge94HUN


      I had to grind a girl for the Krankenwagen, so I bought the M40 and now I'm grinding the M53. I think that I might be able to do the mark as well if RNG will let me, so I'll give that a go as well. Sad that I fucked up my almost 2,1k DPG under 2k tho. But it is still not bad considering I had to stockgrind it without gun rammer LUL

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