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  1. Is the T-25 pilot worth buying 4 tokens? I haven't really had time to follow convos about the tank and I'm currently not playing the game, just want to know whether I should still invest money into this game. Halp pls

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Its a tier8 240 alpha med, therefore it's automatically mediocre.

      unles you really desperately need a Pershing clone with a higher top speed

    2. sohojacques


      Mister Truck is right. But if the proposed MM changes go through tier 8 MTs will become a lot more viable. 

      Its got sweet gun handling, good relocating speed, and will cost you roughly 1/3 of what any other tier 8 premium MT will...

    3. Dodge94HUN


      Yeah, I decided not to buy the tank, since I already own like 10 other premiums. I just wanted to get it because it is "rare". Thanks your answers :)

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