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  1. 7 hours ago, SmirkingGerbil said:

    Was going to say @Dodge94HUN, I am a Project Reality player so I am wondering if Cuni should try that; however, you mention that SQUAD is an offshoot of PR? I was unaware of this, but it is what I thought of when I checked out the link.

    Thinking about getting this . . .

    . . . 10 minutes later after reading reviews, I bought it.

    If you don't mind running with an old PR player @Cunicularius, I am game to run with you. Hope my PR skills can transfer over.

    They started to develop Project Reality 2, but very soon everything went silent around the project and then Squad got announced.

  2. I hope that it will grow just as big as Project Reality, their first project. They, who did not left to make Squad, are still updating the BF2 mod, adding more and more features. If Squad will have enough money to implement ground and air vehicles, that will be so goddamn cool.

  3. I had it, but I asked for a refound, because I had no one to play with. I had to lower the graphics as well because of my laptop, so sometimes it was tricky to recognize friendlies/enemies. I might rebuy it tho but I don't know how we could play together because of ping issues.

  4. 110

    3 hours ago, Bohan said:

    I dunno what problem you have with the armour, I bounced almost double the amount you bounce even though I mostly played it when I had blue recents. Best normal Tier 8 heavy dpm plus effective frontal armour when covering the lower plate allows you to murder most other Tier 8s and even higher tiers sometimes. It is especially good at fighting heavies armed with the standard russian 122mm, and armour retains effectiveness against premium rounds because of their lack of normalization.

    Sure, it suffers a bit at corner fighting, but that is only in comparison to the IS3. Tanks like the Caernavon or Tiger II have autopen lower plates and significantly worse turrets

    Made pretty clear a couple of times: the only good part of the armor is the UFP which gets negated by the slightest angle. Other than that it has mediocre armor at best.

  5. 110

    16 hours ago, Rexxie said:

    I dont think anyone has hyped the 110 as a "very strong alternative to the IS-3" for a long time. It was an alternative back when the IS-3 had 175mm of frontal armor and this had 230mm, not now that the IS-3 has 220-190. Its slower, almost always has a worse gun, and a worse overall armor scheme. The only advantage is that it effectively has the IS-3's track links covering the entire UFP instead of just a third of it.

    I don't think anyone is going to take the argument that an average T8 HT is worse than two of the worst T8 MTs seriously, though. The 110 is a heavy, plays like a heavy, has the armor of a heavy, and has the gun of a heavy. Its basically brainless, drive into a brawl and win against meds by default or try to outplay the hordes of mindless pubbie heavies. Rinse and repeat, welcome to your allotted 65% WR. There's no crippling downsides to the 110 that make it unsuitable for performing this role, even if the individual features have problems that keep them from standing out among its peers. It's hard to understand someone playing a tank like this and coming to the conclusion that it is a terrible T8. I've played terrible T8s, and the 110 isn't even on the same planet.

    My whole problem is that it is not very good at this job in my opinion. I think that you have to be too careful in this tank to play it like a true heavy. Heavium? Maybeeee...

  6. 110

    3 hours ago, Sapros said:

    Yes, considering the alpha and the questionable turret armor/meh depression, the gun handling's excessively potato.

    There are worse T8s out there, for sure. But the 110 has been hyped as a very strong alternative to the IS-3 and unfortunately it's not the case (anymore at least).



    @StormCrowReaperManyHats, same tier, same concept, one is supposed to be an alternative to to the other, like Sapros said.

  7. 110

    3 hours ago, lavawing said:

    To be honest calling the 110 ebola is hyperbolic to say the least. I'm going to defend this tank as an at least decent mid-range heavium although as you said it's pretty bad for any kind of brawling.

    To call the 110's armor 'nonexistent' is seriously retarded. Your pike which clocks in at 250 EA frontally is one of the few things that can reliably bounce high tier shells in Tier 8, and while it's hard to abuse because of the sharpness of the pike you're quite fine at mid-range where people can't just pen you from multiple angles.

    The turret is unreliable: the cupolas are weak and the roof is big; the cheeks are mediocre at 220mm EA, which means that you have to minimise exposure and be very wary of overmatch. That said, I'd take the 110's turret over the Tiger II/4502A's any day. The side armour is unquestionably shit and exposes your fuel tanks and ammo rack.

    I have to admit that the 110's armour is situational, and unfortunately in most situations the IS-3's is simply better. That said, not being as good as the IS-3 is not the same as being shit. Armour wise, it kind of reminds me of a spershing. 

    Coming to the gun, the 110 to all intents and purposes has the T-54's gun. It has decent pen, decent accuracy, and mediocre soft stats. The DPM is good and you basically try to play this at mid range and abusing your frontal armour so you can take your time to aim. Compared to the IS-3, the soft stats are shit, but the same goes for everything else in this tier. In short, it's a decent enough gun that's outshone by the BL-9. You will need a very unusual sense of humour to call this a joke.

    By the way, the Tiger II actually has negligibly lower DPM, so perhaps you might try checking your facts next time.

    Mobility is good for flexing between locations with a low HP/t but good terrain resistance and a high speed cap. It's not as good as wiggling as many of the stuff with better engines, but it's hard to call it shit unless you are treating it like a medium.

    Now, I'm not denying that the 110 is a decidedly inferior clone of the IS-3. Before the IS-3 got HDed, the tank's saving grace was frontal armour, and now the IS-3 is almost equal in that respect. But the IS-3 is the most broken tank in Tier 8 and combines everything that's good about heavies and mediums without any of their drawbacks. If one were to use the IS-3 as a benchmark, every other tank in Tier 8 would be mediocre or worse, shit. 

    But even if we compare the 110 to the IS-3, it seems clear to me that the 110 is not a terrible tank. It's not actually a bad tank. It's a strange cross between a heavium and a support heavy that still outdoes most other Tier 8 heavies and one of the few Tier 8s whose armour is not completely negated by hightier guns. The only thing that makes it look bad is that it's so similar to an IS-3 and as a result is always overshadowed by its Soviet brother.


    The UFP might be good, but even the slightest angle negates the armor values so you get penned quite easily. Other than that you don't have the side armor to reverse-sidescrape, so you should rely on your front... GL. I played most of my IS-3 battles pre-buff and when I was a blue player at best (only played like 50 or 60 since then, because it is a very boring tank to play) yet I have more blocked damage (659 vs 880). Just because it has goodish UFP, it won't change the fact that it has mediocre everywhere else.

    On paper it might have decent accuracy, but the absolute ebola soft stats totally fuck it up. You have to aim a shitton of time for 320 damage, so you expose yourself a lot. If this gun had better soft stats and/or better aimtime, I'd say it is okay, but in this form it has nothing going for it.

    You are right about the DPM, I managed to compare the Tiger to the IS-3, but other than that I stand by my opinion.

    @Rexxie, TVP is cancer as well, but CDC is one of my favourite tanks in the game currently. FV is shit, but I still would play the FV over the 110.

  8. 110

    So I decided I won't sell any T8+ tank ever again and I'll even threemark as many as possible. In the last couple of days I managed to get marks on two tier 9 and three tier 8 tanks, inclueding the AMX 50 100, the Charioteer and the T-54 mod1. I did all three tier 8 tanks yesterday with ~3100 average on the Charioteer and the 50 100 and ~2800 on the mod1. Today I wanted to get the 110 so I could finally start my WZ-111-1-4 grind. One million credits later: possibly thinking about cutting my veins and shooting myself in the head while holding a torch in my other arm after I took a bath in gasoline.

    This tank is the WORST tier 8 tank which I've played in a long time. I've struggled with the mod1 marks after 90%, but I was honestly proud on myself that I got the second mark yesterday with the 110. After 80 battles, I was still sitting on 77-ish marks and I needed to REALLY focus to get even the second one. Today I wanted to finish the grind, but after 94% I got three tier10 heavy games in a row where I could not do shit so I am back at 91,6% and seriously considering quitting it alltogether. During the 60 battle I played I managed to get from 1930-ish DPG to 2040-ish so that is ~2200 DPG. I know that it is kinda my fault as well, but I just can't seem to get over that damage...

    The armor is non existent. I know that the UFP is supposed to be good/better than the IS-3, but it really is not. Even the slightest angle and the UFP is trash, the LFP is trash to begin with. Turret ring is volnurable and the turret itself is quite bad. You have cupolas and a bad turret roof, so you can't really go hull down. I even got penned in the turret front once in a while. The side armor is basically cardboard. If you are top tier... like really-really toptier and the enemy team is full of low penetration-bad accuracy guns, only then can you think about trying to rely on your armor.

    The gun is a joke. It has 70 less alpha than the IS-3 which is compensated by a tiny bit of extra DPM which you can't utilize because it has shitty soft stats. Even tho the accuracy is better on paper the shitty soft stats totally fuck it up. Oh and it has lower penetration as well. This gun should be compared to the Tiger II's gun, but even that tank has more DPM and better soft stats.

    Mobility would be OK if this thing had armor. It has not. Mobility is shit.

    Overall this tank is ebola. There is no actual reason to play this tank other than grinding it and then drinking a bottle of whisky to forget it. IS-3 has similar mobility while having pretty fucking great armor and a gun which punches for 390 while being reasonably accurate and still having OK dispersion.

    I will wait til they make this tank into HD and hope for the best that it gets at least stupidly good frontal armor but to be honest it needs serious buffing. Get ebola, 110.

  9. 3 minutes ago, no_name_cro said:

    I don't think he ranked them.

    As others said, Type 64 if you have stronghold crew. Other than that, I started value premium time hundred times over premium tanks.

    Yes, I agree. Premium time worth much more than premium tanks, because it spares you quite a lot of time, but you will need a premium tank if you want to play a lot in higher tiers IMHO. As for me, I mostly play premium tanks if I play anything lower than T9 tho, just because there is just no point of playing a regular tank (except if the tank is that much fun).

  10. 1 hour ago, Rexxie said:

    If you have to pick between the CDC and FCM, grab the FCM. Better tank that makes better credits.

    Neither tank is very good though. Here's the list of all T8 prems worth anything at all:

    Type 59
    Mutant 6
    Super Pershing
    Patton KR
    T-54 Prototype

    If its not on this list, it's probably bad.

    I'm surprised that you picked Super Pershing over the FCM. With APCR spam, the SP might be better, but for credit making it is trash and I might be biased a lot against it, since I can't get the armor working. The other thing which bothers me is the speed (although somehow I like to play the FV42).

    To not to be totally off topic: I would suggest you to buy either the FCM or the CDC. As @SchnitzelTruck said, the Type is trash outside of SH, and the SU-122-44 is either OP or complete trash. If you don't mind playing in T10, I would suggest to buy the CDC, just because it is cheaper and it is preferred in SH's over the FCM as well (at least in S3AL).


  11. 23 hours ago, TaylorSwift said:

    Optics are for those who feel lonely without their redline to snipe from. And in a tank like the STB, that makes even less sense. Rammer/vstab/gld. The aim time is just too unacceptable to get around it. A good enough crew and food will deal with the missing 5% from vents, because you will actually be able to make your shots count. 

    I started to play my STB again and I am thinking about dropping Vents for EGLD. Is it really worth it?

  12. X3N4 once said that it might be a good thing to play fast paced FPS's to improve your aim. IIRC you play CS as well, so aiming in WoT is "easier" for you. What is your opinion about this? 

    And an other "learning-related" question: is there a way to improve your decision making other than learning from your mistakes? 

  13. 45 minutes ago, MacusFlash said:

    I think that HESH should get super normalization like 30 degrees but with balanced dmg and penetration.

    Yes, that is one was to do it, since the whole idea behind HESH is that it spreads on the surface of armour before detonating but it is not supposed to "make damage" in the tank, but in the crew.

  14. On 2016. 06. 18. at 10:26 AM, TheMostComfortableTanker said:

    If memory serves me right, that was just for the Leo 1 and maybe a couple other tanks.  Other stuff stayed roughly the same on paper.  The reason the leo was so accurate was it gave up almost everything for speed, absurd accuracy, and absurd pen.

    I'd want to double-check, but that's what I remember seeing in the first leak.  At this point, there's an NDA too, but the current stats are public right now anyway.

    It had 45 kph IIRC...


    @GehakteMolen, I don't quite agree with you that all mediums are kinda the same in tier 10. While 30B and Leopard is definitely very similar, WG made a great job with theese hidden stats which make tanks different IMHO. Sure, it could use some tweaking but I don't think that the situation is that bad. On a sidenote: almost every T10 med uses the L7 gun (or one of it's licensed version), so having massively different penetration would be quite an odd thing. If we don't take that into account however, than it could be an other balancing parameter.


    This is kinda a response to your comment GehakteMolen as well, but this is what I was thinking about how they should rebalance the game. I fully agree with you that they should make heavy tanks as the top dogs.

    First they should rebalance the maps. It is no secret that the current corridor maps are meant to favourize HT's but it is no secret either that it made the gameplay of other classes bad and "inconvinient". Maps should have more playable area than three chokepoints, there should be areas with vision controll, there should be brawling area with possible flanking routes as well. This way every class could find its role in the game.

    Rebalance arty. DUH... Decreasing the pen and the damage is a good start, but this stun thing is plain stupid. If they implement like this, it will make the arty less and more cancer at the same time. They should totally scrap this idea IMHO. What they could do is make arties less RNG dependant so it is not like rolling a dice while you play with them and make hitting moving tartgets a lot harder.

    The average penetration of classes (and their main characteristics) should look like this:

    • Tank destroyers: They have the highest penetration and high alpha damage, but they sacrifice lone survivability. They have lower view range than other classes and decreased hitpoints, so they are kinda team depandent. There could exist assault TD's and "defender" TD's as well.
    • Heavy tanks: They should have the second highest penetration so they would be each others main enemy. They have armor, punchy guns, but not best in tier DPM and decent view range.
    • Medium tanks: On tier 10 they should have penetration around 240 on average. Some might get more to perform kinda like a sniper, but thoose should sacrifice DPM, which would be the main feature of this class. With this penetration angled HT's could be able to bounce shots but poorly played heavies could still suffer.
    • Light tanks: This is not even about penetration or so, because every LT's rola and playstyle is kinda the same. They should have the best view range and camo and I have an idea how to make spotting with lights easier as well. More on that a couple of rows later.

    As for premium ammo: right now APCR is just a better AP ammo while HEAT is the only one which has some downsides. What I think could be an other decent solution:

    • APCR: It should have reduced damage compared to AP by ~10%, maybe even 15%, but I think 20% would be too much.
    • HEAT: It should have the same damage as the standard ammunition, but because of its low muzzle velocity, it could be affected more by the "natural elements" (wind) more, so it should loose accuracy over the standard ammo next to the mechanic WoT uses already (spaced armor defeats this shell type). Not to make it flat out better shell, it should loose like 0,03-0,05 accuracy.
    • HESH: This is a shell type which is very poorly modelled in WoT. According to Wikipedia (much source :doge: ) it was designed to scatter little pieces off the inner side of the armour to injure/kill the crew. This could be quite an unique shell in WoT, which would sort of work like a regular HE shell, but it would deal massive critical damage to the enemy.

    And for the spot thing I mentioned by light tanks: obviously the spot system needs a fix as well, but an other good balancing parameter they could implement is the refresh rate of "ticks" while checking for spots. Right now the system checks for spots really rarely on long distances which is pretty bad IMO. What they could do is make light tanks check for spots much more frequently on long distances and they could even implement for how long the spots are lit with different kind of classes.


    This is what I thought of. I don't know how well it would work, but it would fix quite some problems in my opinion.

  15. Hey X3N4!


    I am trying to three mark the Bat and although I am constantly around 93-94%, I just can't seem to be able to pass 95%. One thing I found out about my play is that I absolutely suck in matchups with lots of mediums and TDs. In my opinion this tank is generally bad against same tier mediums, so when the enemy team has at least 4-5 of them and almost the same amount of campy TD's, I tend to play passively, which results in poor damage output and a loss of percentage.

    My question is how to avoid this? How to stay active in such games where your tank is kinda "useless"? Maybe @CarbonWard has some good advice as well. Thanks in advance!

  16. Nurki, no one actually wanted drama, you made it into drama by acting like a bitch. How should we know how sick you are with rumours or anything? Not like we would know you at all and your treshold against internet tanks matters.

    By the way it is good to know that my choice of clans determines my... personality I guess. It was almost as good of a "comeback" as my period-pun.

    That being said, I have no intention to bring the show to the guys here, nor flame this topic anymore.

  17. 11 minutes ago, MissNurki said:

    Is that the Twitch/S3AL standard "comeback" to being called out on bullshit? Stops all discussion so the one with the shitty comments doesn't have to reply anything with actual content. It's actually surprisingly clever.

    You are either hungry or on your period. 

    No_name_cro may have overthought things, yet X3N4 managed to answer without bitching about it. Why is it hard for you? It seems that the only person whose Internet feelings are hurt, is you. 

  18. 6 hours ago, MissNurki said:

    That feeling when you check your inbox and have a total of 81 e-mails in one day! :eww:

    And then to find out it was just the lovely @shishx that had uploaded my replay the FAME youtube channel and linked my channel, so many new subs! BRING DA HATERZ :gaytroll:


    Man, it's literally 1/1000 as interesting as you for some reason think it is, calm your tits with whipping up dumb ass rumors about nothing. And y'all say women are dramaqueens, jesus.

    1. Daki is still in FAME, he's borrowing some PXA acc 4fun during a SH attack.

    2. Maj has one acc in PXA because I assume he gets paid pretty well to be there, it's a mediocre clan that probably need some help getting started. If you look at clan stats, look at that one guy with fucked up numbers(like 500% recent wr), he is making the clan look a loooot better than it is. 

    3. Bino has been in like 3-4 mediocre clans after FAME before he joined PXA, he doesn't have any ties to FAME what so ever, why is he even on the list? It's like involving me in some KITTY drama now, like wtf man.

    Summary: one of our members have one acc in PXA. It's not a "new and up-coming clan", it's a mediocre clan that needs help and is getting it, jostra is helping.

    Other 'questions' about ... fuckall?


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