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    Dodge94HUN got a reaction from BlackAdder in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    Nurki, no one actually wanted drama, you made it into drama by acting like a bitch. How should we know how sick you are with rumours or anything? Not like we would know you at all and your treshold against internet tanks matters.
    By the way it is good to know that my choice of clans determines my... personality I guess. It was almost as good of a "comeback" as my period-pun.
    That being said, I have no intention to bring the show to the guys here, nor flame this topic anymore.
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    Dodge94HUN got a reaction from Siimcy in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    @Siimcy @aaveq @creator31 you three are just perfect fit 
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Zepherex in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    Hey bro nice shit win rate accompanying that 3700 recent. Seriously when you fuck over your teams by chai sniping do you use lube or just full on dry dock them in the ass?
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Private_Miros in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    Seeing as those people seemingly provide your only current goal and joy out of life, I'd be less of an ungrateful fucker.
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to adztownstike in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    " a bit longer to be compiled than the promised " so agessssss knowing the wotlabs people
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to nemlengyel in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    co to kurwa jest? why play a game you hate? if you hate wot and only like stats try out Microsoft Excel instead.

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    Dodge94HUN reacted to sr360 in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    What's more disgusting is your sub 55% WR. Maybe you should lay off padding and actually try to, you know, win those games? All those numbers say is that you're a padded teal who's pretending to be a good player.
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to sr360 in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    Teal is a pretty color. All the little girls are wearing it these days. 

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    Dodge94HUN reacted to adztownstike in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    I know its just a stupid troll by the xvm nerds but it was really irritating. Its ruined my stats and a lot of other players. Maybe these wn8 creators dont understand what they are doing and how important it is. Well gonna not play at all for this month cos of this so thanks kitty. Very mature person clearly
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to CraBeatOff in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    Worth!  Kitten has math bullied at least 1 of the tank selection is skill crowd into quitting! Play4fun will reign.
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to MacusFlash in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    Official forum 
    AdzTownstrike, on 15 January 2017 - 11:15 AM, said:
    Wtf 3.7k dpg avg tier 9.86 is now 3.4k wn8... Just wow
    Lost 100 overall and 1200 recent due to these changes. Probably gonna stop playing
    Wtf 4.5k expected dmg on e50. Im like 99% moe with 4k combined avg. Only p[person with anywhere near 4.5k is xits. This is just pure bs
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to kolni in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    down 200 wn8  
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Assassin7 in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    just maknig sure, that was a meme right? 
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to sr360 in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    >cares about stats
    >thinks 18 is a meaningful sample
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to DHP in STRV 103-0 (Tier 9): Overmatch Mechanics 101   
    Foch review of the tank. 
    One of the thing he said is so true and really say's it all about the overmatch mechanic. 
    If WG had buffed the armor from 40mm to 41mm, yes 1 fucking mm. No russian 122's could have overmatch it and that would have solved most of the BS that the russian's have agains't this tank.  Without having to redo the entire mechanic.. 
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    Dodge94HUN got a reaction from SmirkingGerbil in Squad 35% off, play with me, is cool gaem   
    They started to develop Project Reality 2, but very soon everything went silent around the project and then Squad got announced.
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Fulcrous in So the dickermax and e-25 might be becoming standard vehicles.   
    WG said it's time to give gasai__yuno the QBFinger?
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Crossfader in Test Server: Swedish TD Changes   
    visual representation of 4.5k dpm

    face melting
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Spartan96 in TD Meta is back on EU   
    >Playing Cancer TDs in all screenshots
    >Reporting higher numbers of cancer TDs 
    >reptile is shit posting with meme arrows/greentext on wotlabs
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to X3N4 in X3N4 | Half man half amazing   
    Yoo! I studied Economics and right now I'm doing some internships and trying out various stuff (IT related marketing and sales currently) as I'm not 100% sure yet on what I'll do in the future. Pretty boring, sadly I am not rocket scientist or the like
    Thanks bro! I guess it's a bit sad to most of you but I quit the game permanently. I'm having a lot of fun tho. Some old friendships have been renewed and there's enough stuff to fill the time which was formerly occupied by this game. Mainly I like to read now, do various sports, cook and go hiking with my brother. So I'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking.
    Thanks bruh!
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    Dodge94HUN got a reaction from lavawing in 110   
    My whole problem is that it is not very good at this job in my opinion. I think that you have to be too careful in this tank to play it like a true heavy. Heavium? Maybeeee...
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Sapros in 110   
    The armor and dpm can be amazing, sure.
    But that lower plate's almost as big as the upper one, so hinding it when playing aggressively can be next to impossible. And the dpm's oftentimes wasted because of the gun stats, which save for the turret dispersion, are somewhere between meh and terrible. 
    Since it's one of my better T8s (dpg wise at least kappa), I am not saying it's ineffective. For me it was just boring and occasionally frustrating. I enjoyed every other T8 HT I played more. A tank with no particular strength or weakness is just bland imo.
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Sapros in 110   
    Yes, considering the alpha and the questionable turret armor/meh depression, the gun handling's excessively potato.
    There are worse T8s out there, for sure. But the 110 has been hyped as a very strong alternative to the IS-3 and unfortunately it's not the case (anymore at least).
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to Sapros in 110   
    At least it doesn't take much module damage. 
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    Dodge94HUN reacted to zapyoug in T95 3 mark challenge, rip me (COMPLETE)   
    So both @Gandaran & @SchnitzelTruck said fuck it to the T95 3 marks after a few games
    but now I have mine
    And those last 20 people who walked off that cliff died, but you see I'm special so I will be fine 
    I will be starting off with the 120mm gun with straight apcr, my canabalized e5 crew and full prem consumables and have 2.5 mil credits to burn today. Will be switching to top gun once I unlock it and may or may not change back depending on how it goes.
    -3,000+ damage per game 
    -65%+ win rate
    -Avoid the urge to teamkill arty/myself 
    -3 marks in sub 150 games
    -actually getting the marks
    I will be streaming all the games I play in it to twitch and the first stream should be up about the same time this is posted at https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit
    3 mark stats
    119 games (finished 3 marks in 118)
    66% win rate

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