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  1. They definitely improved BF4 with patches, etc but I was just referring to launch and the first few patches when I said "was so broken". They rushed it out after the success of BF3. With that said, they've had plenty of time to work the bugs out of this one and I'm looking forward to it. Have gotten on and played a few games so far. Very impressed, graphics are amazing, game is very smooth and for a beta, not seeing a lot of weird stuff, short of a floating dead body Definitely going to spend the $70 on this one for the OCT release!
  2. Want to, been a Battlefield fan since BF3. BF4 was so broken though that it kind of scares me. I may just wait a bit and see what the reviews are like. It really looks cool, just all depends if they took their time and put it together the right way instead of rushing a broken product out like BF4.
  3. My question is how has WG not banned that asshat yet? Every single game he's spouting off about stupid shit. He managed to shoot one of our VILIN guys in the back twice in a game a few days ago that most likely cost us the match. If anyone has done enough to get banned you'd think it would be that moron.
  4. Absolutely agree with above. Just go with and try to maximize damage while keeping an eye on the map (and direct traffic back to spawn hopefully if needed). Before learning more about the game, I'd try to defend the weak side by myself or greatly outnumbered and all that leads to is a very fast death.
  5. This is so good...thank you OP! I've noticed that I'm steadily increasing my WR but my wn8 has actually decreased. You are spot on that just dealing damage but not helping the team isn't the right way to do things. I'm actually learning how to help my team best and if it means not farming but actually contributing, so be it. My recent WR is up to 53% from just below 50% a few months ago when I was overly concerned with damage dealt. Next is to mesh the two and learn to do both as good players do. Thank you again Rawkes!
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    Agreed, had an Atari 2600 back in the day...no better games at that point than Pitfall, Frogger, Adventure and Pac Man. Of course, we played the great, great grandfather of WOT, COMBAT! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_(1977_video_game)
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    Wasteland. When I was in high school, this thing was amazing. No fighting or action that you controlled, it was strategy, warfare and survival all in one. Would spend hours after school playing this game. Showing my age a bit on this one. lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasteland_(video_game)
  8. Sounds like the same guy...ugh, some people are just imbalanced. lol
  9. I was in a game the other day where a sub 400 wn8 did the same, not in an arty but in a TD. Went right up behind a blue player on our team (think it was VILIN if I remember correctly) and just started spraying into him because "all blue cheaters deserve to die". Needless to say, our team didn't take kindly to it and TK'd him as soon as possible but he got two shots off and 90% of our VILIN's player's hp first. I think everyone in the game reported him but I don't quite get these people...it's a game. Hopefully he got banned so it will be a long time even if he rerolls before we see him
  10. Sry for the new thread...I looked and didn't see the other one.  My bad.

  11. I'm an old school Battlefield player back to BF3 and before and love the aspect of vehicles and infantry. Not sure if everyone has seen this but it looks pretty amazing, at least from a graphics standpoint. They definitely took a step backwards from BF3 to BF4 so hopefully this takes it back to their roots with the new Frostbite engine, etc. Only time will tell as it looks like release date is in late October. https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/battlefield-1-reveal
  12. No worries, was simply trying to give an example of something that he could consider given his price point...not exactly what he needed to buy. Didn't notice the FM2, my fault. When I was building my first system, I used parts like that an improved as my financial situation improved. Just offering a suggestion was all, clearly opinions vary.
  13. If $150ish is your budget, what about upgrading both and try to increase performance overall. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/8nVwr7 This would give you an upgrade of both cpu and gpu at the same time. Just a thought. Not an evga fan but for the money, that isn't a bad card. @OP ignore this advice - you currently have a AM3 socket system. The CPU BigDaddyTankster recommends is a FM2(+) CPU, which doesnt fit into your system. Also what HairlesMonkyBoy below says! Folterknecht
  14. t49 penning for sure. Recently, anytime I hit anyone with my T30. Immediately, the whining starts. That and the waffle hatred runs so deep!
  15. I'm really curious to see how this thing performs. The waffle has always been a fun tank to play but that reload time is brutal. The gun and speed look impressive and better camo would definitely help. That thing is ugly as sin though...
  16. T30 - that gun and decent armor Pershing through M48 Patton - all great mediums T20 - mobile and a great tank overall KV13 - just something about that thing...
  17. Just a shitter's opinion here... I've played both with and without and there are definitely benefits and negatives to both. As stated above, the positives are definitely giving an idea of who you can rely on, solid players on the other team, etc. I also use the hitlog, and crosshairs as well. I try not to focus on the stats too much which brings me to the major negative...the people that say "we're fucked" while it's still on the countdown screen because it's a 20% chance of winning. It also is a bit disheartening to see 5 blue players on the other team and your te
  18. I'm far from good but I agree with everyone else. Love my M48, still learning the 50/51 but the potential is definitely there. Next on my list is to work my way up to the 113 as I haven't even played that tier1 yet.
  19. +1 I have games where I can't pen a scout and bounce everything and I have games where I destroy everything on the map...not much in between. I find myself peek a booing a lot with it as I get penned so easily now.
  20. I've seen a bunch of these recently...lot's of 10k and above wn8's in the exact same scenario. Most of these idiots are strictly doing it for a number next to their name so people are in awe. Until those smart enough take two seconds to look at their actual stats.
  21. I only have about 170 games in my waffle but overall this ugly thing looks pretty unimpressive. Never was a huge fan of the tier 9 waffle either. This might be a sell if this thing is as bad as it looks like it could be. Just one more reason that my T30 is now my "go to" TD...
  22. Makes sense, as I said, I have little or no experience on old maps that are out of the rotation. I certainly hear a lot of bitching about how people miss them in games though. I'm honestly for anything that makes gameplay a better experience for us all. Maybe WG needs an account here to listen to all of you who know what you are talking about!!!
  23. I'm fairly new to the game still so I've missed a ton of maps. I think I've only seen two new maps introduced since I started playing. Couldn't WG pull back their "greatest hits" pretty easily, rework them a bit for new patches and get rid of some of these current shit maps? I've never understood some developers and their lack of ability to do this type of thing. Seems to make sense, the community would love it and it would be much easier than designing all brand new maps. Of course, they choose the easiest route which is to say fuck the gaming community and keep their shit map
  24. I'm now finally learning this too even though I'm still a shitter, trying to improve...get pissed, step away for a minute and calm the fuck down. I've found that combined with using vbaddict over the past week or two and paying attention to how I do and what I do wrong helps. My new goal is at least 2k wn8 per session no matter how long that is. Very challenging for me but I find it keeps me focused and I don't get as pissed either! My other trick...lots of bourbon!!!
  25. +1 Just built my daughter a pc for Christmas...for the equivalent I spent on it, it would be probably 3-4 times if I bought it already built at a store. The other advantage of building yourself (or having someone help you) is that they are upgradeable. You want a better CPU, replace it! With most of the Dell's, HP's etc, many of those are set up so you cannot replace parts or basically have to gut them first. Good luck!
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