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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Zezti in Shitters ruin the game   
    I like it -- It's logical. WG would never consider it.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Sploofy in Are you looking for a clan? Click here first!   
    Maybe add Clans that advertise in all chat to the list of clans not to join.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Shackram in Battlefield 1 - Open Beta   
    Yeah, no. It'll benefit anyone that can hit a moving target at 100m. Still, it's an interesting change, means you're safer closing the distance to the sniper most of the time.
    I quite like the soldier mobily and the vaulting lets you climb higher stuff than BF4, but it tends to fail when vaulting waist high rocks.
    The weapons also have more recoil, are less accurate and takes more shots to kill a target compared to BF4 (except recon and shotguns). I appreciate the higher recoil and lower damage, but the random COF feels weird, i didn't get used to it yet.
    Tanks are a bit too strong, but i think it's in part because most players don't have the tools or know how to handle them, they seem to take localized damage, so you can track them, break the gun or the engine.
    The AA is pretty crazy right now while planes aren't that powerful. I spent a good time with the attacker plane using the cannon and bombs, it's fun but you're mostly just harassing tanks and infantry and killing a tank as a plane takes a lot of time.
    Agreed, i'm liking it enough to consider pre-order.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to PityFool in Battlefield 1 - Open Beta   
    No, its a new damage model they're trying out. Basically, sniper rifle has a "sweet spot" where they do 100 damage. So their damage model is something like 0m - 95m (80 damage), 96m - 120m (100 damage), 121m - max range (80 damage). It doesn't really benefit anyone who can aim because they will be hitting headshots. What it means is someone who can only really land bodyshots might get you from time to time in the correct distance range.
    Its quite different from BF4 in gameplay terms, its different and being that its WW1 it has some really refreshing scenery (new weapons, vehicles, etc). Obviously we don't have access to much content in the beta so some opinions may change with the full release, but some things I found:
    - Gameplay has slowed down a little from BF4, tanks move a lot slower, soldiers can't sprint jump all over the place.
    - The lack of lock-on weapons, FLIR/IRNV, Airburst, M320's, etc. is quite a good change. However, as always the AA is OP as fuck, some things never change
    - The behemoth system could be incredibly good for turning the tide on those one-sided games, its immensely powerful, however there's a rather short time-limit on the games in the beta so we rarely get to see the train have any real effect on the games yet as it often comes in too late. BF4 generally had a dominant team continuing to dominate because they had all the extra vehicles from flag assets and such.
    I find it fun to play, there are some obvious balance issues and certain things need changing but overall, enjoyable.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Shackram in Battlefield 1 - Open Beta   
    Can you still join the testing now if you didn't sign up for the insider? Or gotta wait for the next round?
    I started playing BF4 again and even at high tickrates and low ping the netcode for hit detection is pretty meh, but that's a feature of BF games by now. Planetside 2 handles it better despite handling hundreds of players at the same time.
    BF3 also had a rushed release with many issues, because DICE wanted to lauch before CoD and try to steal some of their player base. Which is also why BF3 was dumbed down compared to earlier games, it was CoDfied to appease the CoD crowd.
    Tanks will most likely be nerfed and counters buffed. It's a battlefield game, so only air whores are allowed to stay OP.
    I for one would like a slower movement for infantry, with some momentum and such so it would work better with the netcode. But vaulting is a flawed mechanic and should be done away in favor of simple jumps.
    But not unlimited jumping because bunny hoping in BF2 was obnoxious. I'd do it like planetside 2, where after jumping several times in a row your char slows down and jumps lower.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to PityFool in Battlefield 1 - Open Beta   
    Put a solid 6 hours into it tonight and here are my initial thoughts. (From someone who plays BF4 competitively, so I have some idea of what I'm talking about  )
    - Tanks are OP and there's shitloads of them all over the map. The lack of anti-tank capabilities for the soldiers is frustrating. The "assault" class can only carry 2 anti-tank nades which isn't even enough to destroy a light tank, let alone the landships which are merely tickled by them. There's anti tank rocket guns, which I haven't had access to yet, but you have to be prone to use it which means you're fucked after the first shot because the tank will see you and will rape you. Its not like an RPG which you can peek out of cover and pop a quick shot off. The tanks need a serious nerf or a drastic reduction in numbers spawned in, a max of 1 tank per team would be more balanced with their current power.
    - Assault and Recon completely outclass Medic and Support... Medics have guns that are average at every range, bolt actions are extremely strong so that forces the medics into CQB with Assault which gets 900RPM SMG's and shotguns. Support suffers a similar issue where the LMG's are inaccurate as fuck to start with, but the longer you hold the trigger down the more accurate they get until it overheats a short while later. By the time you're accurate enough at range, the snipers have killed you and in close range you just lose out to SMG's and shotguns which have much faster TTK's.
    - Movement is sluggish, it feels like wading through mud. The soldiers can't jump, they do a pathetic little skip. This means getting around relies heavily on the vaulting mechanic which is a whole other nightmare of broken hitboxes and laggy animations. I'd far rather revert to something like the CS:GO jump mechanics where the character jumps comically high and thus doing away completely with vaulting. And no... Its got nothing to do with me being salty about not being able to jump-shot corners.
    BF4 movement:

    BF1 movement:

    - Melee system is quite cheap from the frontal attack aspect. I'm perfectly fine with having rear attacks a OHK, but frontal attacks hitting for 80 damage!? I was tagged up by an enemy and managed to duck into a building with 5hp left, the guy wanted to finish the job and secure his kill so he chased me in, only to find me waiting just inside the door with my pistol, I popped a shot into him and then mashed F for an almost instant kill. I would be fine with frontal attacks if they did less damage, around 20-30 as a finishing blow attack.
    Other than that, the game is fairly fun in a casual way, looks beautiful and runs fairly well. Seems like a step towards an even more casual shooter than previous titles. I'll reserve my opinions on whether to purchase it or not for now, I'll add more thoughts as I play through this beta.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Acumen in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    I was going to come here and rant about tantantankgod but then saw that this is old news. The guy has to be a downey or something. He will actually creep around the red line avoiding the enemy team. In the 6 games I have had with him he has fired 5 shots???? Anyway then I went and looked at his clan and realized that this clan takes retard to a completely new level. I think he actually might have a number of accounts in that clan. http://wotlabs.net/na/clan/T-GOD/
    Also where do these idiots get the idea that the person alive last on their team is the winner?
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to NoobestNoob in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    TanTan has to be on the same level of annoyance as inflamed hemorrhoids 
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    BigDaddyTankster got a reaction from Sapros in The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread   
    I'm still pretty new here but I'll add my ugly mug...with the rest of my family so it isn't as bad.  

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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to TheMarine0341 in T30 Questions   
    1) Poor crew skills
    Commander: 6th, Rep, Camo
    Gunner: Rep, Camo, Snap
    Driver: Rep, Camo, clutch
    Radio: Rep, Camo, Sit Aware
    Load1: Rep, Safe, Camo
    Load2: Rep, Camo, Adren
    Improve survivability first, which means being able to quickly move if needed. Camo can help, but your gun handling means you're NOT going to be a CHAI sniper with great success. Its a brawler, through and through. Your environment is mid-range hull down, which makes your roof hard to over-match but allows your accuracy to work. Repairs get your tracks back up and your gun back in order. 
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Patient0 in Superunicum Guide Series - How to Suck Less #1: Getting Started   
    Hello reader! If you don't know me, I'm Patient0, a player of clan BULBA.
    Quick Bio: I started playing 4 years ago, and improved from a lowly 800 WN8, to 4k+ recent WN8 today. When I joined the newly created BULBA back in 2014, I had a little fewer than 10k battles. I've always found enjoyment in performing my best while playing the game, never settling for what my current proficiency.
    I enjoy coaching others free of charge, but can't find enough time in the day to service everyone, so I'm starting this semiweekly article series dedicated to helping anyone of any skill level improve at the game. I won't go into specific tanks, since there already are dedicated guides. Rather, the information in the article can be applied to most tanks you play in the game. This article will go over what you should think about when starting a pub match.
    How to Suck Less #1: Getting Started
    So, you've found the courage to finally hit the random battle button. You should already be familiar with your tank's characteristics, its strengths and weaknesses. It is now your job to apply its strengths, and hide its weaknesses. A lot of you may wonder, "I know, but how do I do that?" Well, that's what I'm here to explain. Good players will always consider every single bit of information available to them from the start of the game. I'm going to assume that you are driving a reasonably fast tank (can go 40-50 kph consistently), has a gun that isn't complete trash, and has ok armor.
    Map Analysis
    First, consider the map. Where will there be optimum cover but also easy access and angles to all parts of the map? I won't go over specific maps, since the viability of positions vary heavily depending on the deployment of your enemies and teammates. Your intuition will improve through practice, so start thinking about which positions offer more angles to damage enemies, and less angles for them to damage you (i.e. places where you can hull down, windows, hill, etc.). Exo's Map guides are a good place to start from. Start from there, then practice and adapt.
    Analyze Lineups
    Second, consider the enemy lineup. How many mediums, heavies, TDs, and arty do they have? Are you top tier? Bottom tier?
    More mediums - Watch out for aggressive fast pushes that will wreck your flank in seconds. Lure them into some heavies who can take the punishment, or regroup with your teammates and over-match them. Just don't let them isolate you. More Heavies - slow down; pushing into them is what they want you to do. Find angles from which you can shoot their sides and rear. Facing them frontally means that they will use their superior health pools to out trade you. This is the best scenario because you know that they won't be going anywhere anytime soon, so take your time and farm to 7k damage. More TDs - Recognition of popular firing lanes is important. Generally I would play cautiously, as even one mistake could end up with you at half or 0 hp. Dealing with TDs should be about the same as dealing with heavies. they have low mobility and even worse firing rate, so take advantage of this and hit them after they've fired or flank. More Arty - For me, 1 or 2 arty is bearable, however, arty has a multiplicative effect where any number above 3 means that you are unable to time their reloads, meaning you aren't able to have moments of aggression in between reloads. Make sure to play carefully and not be spotted often. Control who they focus on. I might write more about reading, predicting, and influencing enemy movements in another article. Top Tier - You're top dog, so play like one. Don't be afraid to push with teammates. Not like an idiot though. Bottom Tier - You're weaker relative to everyone else, meaning that enemies will be more
    comfortable yoloing you if they want. Therefore, take a supportive role, stay behind the big boys, and farm that damage. Taking Early Positions
    One of the most important things you should do in any game. Taking early positions sets the tempo of matches, and early game damage influences the game the most. Catching that slow top tier out means that he will have less hp to work with for the rest of the match. Early damage is important, but it's also risky. For one, if you don't position yourself correctly, the enemy might get cocky enough to rush you and if you don't have sufficient support behind you, you will die. You will probably also be the first spotted, so it means that arty's first shot will be aimed at you. If you've ever played on Lakeville and you see players asking for the scout to passive spot mid, it's for a reason.
    Typically, it's wise to go with the majority so that you can win the flank rather than spend a hard time defending the other. Most maps only have two to three viable locations to go to, so make sure you have enough teammates with you before you go there.
    Some maps like Prok and Lakeville allow scouts to get really good initial vision on where the enemy is going, so when that happens, take advantage of the new information and adjust accordingly. If they are rushing a flank, don't go there. Take a position where you can punish their push from the side and from afar.
    Putting It All Together
    Image 1
    I'm going to use a replay of mine for an example. The map is Himmelsdorf and it is Encounter. We're South spawn. I go down in my E5. I typically don't go hill from South because there is no way to retreat from it once you start losing. Also, it's Encounter so even the heavies will go up a lot of the time. Lineups are about the same, no irregularities. There is a large number of low tiers, meaning that the game will be largely determined by what the top tiers do. I check the 8 line alley, don't see any big players there. This means that either they all went hill, or took a detour and went 1 line. The most probable event is the former. After about 20 seconds I start going west on D line. Why? So I can get shots into hill. Excellent plays result from reacting to information quickly and accurately.
    Image 2
    Here you can see me shifting quickly to Western D line at the 13:30 mark. This allows me to shoot up into the hill and deal out damage. In hindsight, if I had moved even earlier I could've reached where the Cent AX was and gotten even better shots into hill and better cover. Anyone on D line becomes trapped once the enemy is done fighting on hill.
    Something to note is that I could've gone hill in the beginning, and brawled with the everyone. Each player has their unique playstyle/opinions, and you will develop your own through experience and practice.
    TL;DR : Practice reading the information the enemy gives you at the start of every battle. They will help make the mid and late game easier.
    Grats on making it down here! This is my first article, so suggestions are welcome. If there are any topics you want me to cover in the next article, feel free to post in the thread and I'll get to it.
    I stream sometimes. Support me by following the stream: Twitch

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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Patient0 in Guide Series - How to Suck Less #3: The Art of Engagement   
    Hey guys, this is my third submission as part of my article series. I would greatly appreciate topic suggestions as well as any criticism. You can also ask questions here or follow the stream and ask questions there. I stream Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: Twitch. Today's article will go over the different methods of engaging enemies.
    The Art of Engagement
    A fellow unicum once told me that you could reach dark purple simply through good mechanics. How you take your shots makes a big difference in certain situations. A lot of the time, you don't have the luxury of shooting an enemy while he's not loaded, so it is in your best interest to make your tank as invulnerable as possible. Better yet, you shouldn't even be visible. After all, the enemy can't shoot what they can't see.
    Different Types of Engagements
    As I mentioned in the intro, WoT provides you with a variety of ways to shoot at a tank, and it is in your best interest to choose the best. Here's a list from best to worst of different types of engagements that you'll encounter:
    Out of View Range: This is the best kind of engagement to have, not if you're on the receiving end of course. In tanks, this is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. There's almost no way for the enemy to return fire unless they know exactly where you're shooting from, but most pubbies don't really blindfire. Most of the time, they'll be too preoccupied with whoever is spotting them to realize this. While this is the best way not to take damage, it also mitigates they damage you could do since RNG is more severe at these ranges and not everyone can lead shots like an aimbot. This type usually happens on open maps, like Malinovka, Prokorovka, or Lakeville.
    Camouflaged: Same idea as shooting from out of view range, only this time you can be even closer. Only problem is that in tier 10, everyone's view range is pretty much max, so you'd need to find insane camo value bushes like those on the 1 line in Prok to actually stay camouflaged. I typically avoid relying on bushes because of this. In low tiers however, feel free to do this since everyone's crew and view range are terrible. Maps to use this on are varied. Basically any map with a bush and an relatively open.
    Flanking, Misdirection, Distraction: This method has many variations, but it basically takes advantage of the fact that the enemy can only look at one place at a time. This works with routing the enemy's rear, shooting from a different, or just peeking very quickly and shooting if you think the enemy is dumb enough. This is especially effective on heavy tanks and tank destroyers, which are inherently slow and easy to farm. I use this method the most. Use this on all maps, especially ones with many avenues of approach, like Stalingrad or Himmelsdorf.
    In-between Reloads: Good for slower firing tanks since the chance of retaliation is lower. Typically you'll be shooting at them frontally, so gold is usually required. This is the second most used method. Useful on city maps and sometimes open maps.
    Tanking it: You have some sort of armor advantage and there is a ~70% chance that you will succeed in bouncing the enemy shot. Useful in heavy tanks in corridor deployment. You're increasing your chances of taking damage by doing this. Mostly useful on maps with corridors or corners.
    Trade shot for shot: If you choose this option, there better be a damn good reason for it, like killing the enemy top tier, or resetting cap. Every shot you trade means less HP to rely on in late game, where you would really appreciate some health for 1v1s. This is relevant on all maps, especially city maps.
    Inherent advantage
    These are situational characteristics that help you in engagements:
    High Ground: Pretty much always advantageous, just watch out for TDs. High ground provides a many different angles for you to aim, but the opposite goes as well. It's very easy to over expose and be deleted off the map by arty or tanks. This situation usually occurs on maps like Mines, Malinovka, Prokhorovka, etc..
    Hull-Down: Hull-down means that the upper part of a vessel or vehicle is visible, but the main, lower body (hull) is not; the term hull-up means that all of the body is visible. The terms originated with sailing and naval warfare in which the curvature of the earth causes an approaching vessel to be first visible "sails-up." Beginning in the 20th century, hull-down has also been used in armoured warfare. Reducing your tank exposure while only presenting your strongest armor to the enemy. While tanks with strong turret armor will utilize hull-down more effectively, even tanks like the 50B can do this to reduce the amount of tank that others can shoot at. Even tanks with sub-par depression can use this technique, but to do this requires practice and knowledge of terrain.This image pretty much explains hull-down for tanks with bad depression. Basically, you're tilting your horizontal axis of rotation so that it can be used as depression. Keep in mind that you are exposing your body, so do this quickly. The exposure is still minimal, so your tank will still be hard to hit.
    Cover/No cover: You're in cover, he's not. This advantage exists in every map, and is the one used most often. If you catch an enemy in the open, and have cover, you force him to shoot at you reload speed. Even better is when there's multiple tanks shooting one in the open. The target can't aim more than one place at once, meaning that you and a platoon mate can take down a top tier without taking any damage at all.
    Overmatch: You have the numbers advantage. This mean more damage output, more HP, and more targets the enemy has to keep track of in a slugfest. This can take place on a flank, in an alley, or across the map. Less effective than shooting from cover, but when it is crucial to take position, don't hesitate to ping your teammates to rush in with you. Make sure the first one to go in has the most HP, or the most armor. By doing this, you're using the distraction method mentioned above while overmatching, which increases damage dealt to damage taken ratio. Again, this advantage exists on most maps, but keep in mind, when you rush with only a slight advantage, the defender's has the better positions and better aimed guns. As a rule of thumb don't push into a corridor. Even if you have a 2k hp advantage or whatever, TDs/heavies can plug the corridor up and turn it into a slaughterhouse.
    Applying to Gameplay
    Okay, so you just read all these different types of engagements, but might not be sure how or when to apply them. I'll go over that in this section.
    Mediums: In a medium tank, engagements will typically take place in medium and long range, which suits your class. This will allow you to first engage from outside of view range in early game, camouflage snipe if possible, Then move in to flanking and shooting distracted and reloading enemies while using hull down, cover, and high ground mechanics. Then only in late game or cleanup stage do you tanks shots, trade, and overmatch.
    Heavies: Rarely should a heavy tank ever be shooting from out of view range or sniping. In terms of engagements, you should mostly use 3-6, with an emphasis on shooting between reloads, taking advantage of distractions, tanking shots, and overmatching. In the first few minutes, get early damage at medium range. Then, from now until you are winning definitively, you'll be slugging it out with all the enemy heavies while praying that your mediums and TDs keep your flanks safe and clear of sneaky mediums.
    TDs: For lightly armored TDs, keep engagements at 300m+. Heavily armored TDs will be with heavy tanks, keeping the team's burst damage high.
    Lights: Play like a medium, but even more like a scavenger. Mainly snipe, flank, and shoot distracted enemies, but don't overstay your welcome. 1-2 shots and then scram because arty and annoyed mediums/heavies.
    Thanks for all the feedback from the previous post. I will mainly focus on mechanics and game sense rather than talk about convoluted topics. Keep giving me suggestions and criticism.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to sundanceHelix in Old Games   
    Am I old enough?
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    BigDaddyTankster got a reaction from Khul in Old Games   
    Wasteland.  When I was in high school, this thing was amazing.  No fighting or action that you controlled, it was strategy, warfare and survival all in one.  Would spend hours after school playing this game.  Showing my age a bit on this one.  lol
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    BigDaddyTankster got a reaction from JSalvy in Old Games   
    Wasteland.  When I was in high school, this thing was amazing.  No fighting or action that you controlled, it was strategy, warfare and survival all in one.  Would spend hours after school playing this game.  Showing my age a bit on this one.  lol
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Echo_Sniper in Where to buy components/PC's/Laptops   
    Comparison sites:
    http://www.PriceRunner.co.uk - England

    http://www.pricewatch.com - USA

    http://www.hardware.no - Norwegian (for those of us who don't understand the pupose of .no tld's )

    http://www.tweakers.net - Netherlands

    http://www.shopbot.ca - Canadian Shopbot

    http://www.edbpriser.dk - Denmark

    http://www.getprice.com.au - Austrailian comparison site

    http://geizhals.at/deutschland - This site initially comes from Austria. A lot of other sites that provide price comparisons, actually use this site's database

    http://www.myshopping.com.au - Austrailian comparison site. Includes reviews of retailers/webstores.

    http://www.Hintaseuranta.fi <- Finnish comparison site.

    http://www.milkhoneyland.com - Ships from China to: US, UK, AUS, Europe

    http://www.wholesaledeals.co.uk - British, online.

    http://www.wholesalepages.co.uk - British wholesale directory listing.

    http://www.dealextreme.com - Poor quality, but cheap, for alot of simple stuff the quality is more than sufficient

    Direct Sites:

    http://dicksmith.com.au/computers - Retail store, retail prices.

    http://www.msy.com.au/default.jsp - (7 day return policy). Ok range, best prices.

    http://www.cpl.net.au - Similar to MSY they are a factory(?) outlet, range is considerably better then MSY but prices are generally high if not the same.

    http://www.oo.com.au - Austrailian version of Argos. (unvetted, require customer feedback?)

    http://www.techbuy.com.au - (unvetted, require customer feedback?)

    http://www.pcmarket.com.au - (unvetted, require customer feedback?)

    http://www.computeronline.com.au - (unvetted, require customer feedback?)



    http://www.scorptec.com.au/ - great range, good prices and are a great store in general.

    http://www.ncix.com or http://www.ncix.ca



    http://www.Canadacomputers.com - Has stores.

    http://www.Dazmode.com - Watercooling products (though that's all they do).

    http://www.Memoryexpress.com - They have 3 shops based in Calgary 2 in Edmonton 1 in BC and 1 in Winnipeg. Competitive pricing and will ship anywhere in Canada.


    http://www.alternate.de -



    http://www.notebooksbilliger.de - Mainly notebooks but also has a lot of computer parts.




    http://www.topdata.dk (if you want it prebuilt)

    http://www.pixmania.dk - Ships to Europe



    http://mdc-data.mamutweb.com/ <- Laptops, games, phones, expensive brands, printers, prebuilt's (But no hardware reasonably priced)
    http://www.grc.gl/ <-- TV's, Apple computers/phones (sigh), cameras, phones.
    http://kontorforsyningen.net46.net/ PC Games (very little sort, Mw1 is still listed as one of the newest games), monitors, pre-built computers, printers.


    http://www.jimms.fi - Speciality gear like watercooling bits and dual GPU cards available on order. Half of the webshop is parts that are long sold out or not yet released so pay attention to delivery estimates (which are usually correct).


    http://www.verkkokauppa.com - Usually cheapest option, well stocked meaning fast delivery. Sells also all kinds of tech gizmos and toys. Big physical stores around the country for walking in and browsing.




    http://www.cdromland.nl --> ships to NL/Belgium

    http://www.alternate.nl --> ships to NL/Belgium

    http://www.afuture.nl --> ships to NL

    http://www.komplett.nl --> ships to NL






    http://www.Multicom.no - Only G.Skill reseller in Norway

    http://www.Dustinhome.se - Swedish site, ships to Norway


    http://www.Prisjakt.no - ships from sweden







    United Arab Emirates:



    United Kingdom:
    http://www.Novatech.co.uk - Great value, Great support, Free Lifetime Technical Support, Fast Delivery
    Delivers to: Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Austria. See for prices: http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/hddeliverychargeseu.html
    Free delivery with 50+ constructive forum posts

    http://www.Overclockers.co.uk - Great Value, Easy to use, Customisable

    http://www.Amazon.co.uk - Well known, Fast Delivery, light on technical info
    Delivers to: Worldwide see: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/cust...odeId=11072981 for details.



    http://www.Maplin.co.uk - Well Known, lots of stores in all major cities.

    http://www.Play.com - Cheap
    Delivers to: Only deliveres DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, games, books, clothing and sports equipment outside the UK. See http://www.play.com/Help.html?page=del#jump-ec for details.

    http://www.Ebuyer.co.uk - Usually very cheap, poor customer service.

    http://www.Currys.co.uk - Same company as PCWorld and Dixons. Overpriced, but lots of stores.

    http://www.Aria.co.uk - Awesome website for components and custom built pc's, Their gaming Pc's get featured on overclockers and usually get awesome reviews, They overclock all their systems for free aswell



    http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk - Free delivery with 50+ constructive forum posts

    http://www.cyberpowersystems.co.uk - Typical estimated delivery within 14 working days. Order status likely to stay on "Accounting - Pass" for 10 of them, Imports from US, so laptops will have a US keyboard.


    United States:

    http://www.ncix.com or http://www.ncix.us- the success from NCIX-canada carries on to the US!


    http://sagernotebook.com - U.S Laptop site. They work very well.





    http://www.microcenter.com - Also have alot of stores if you dont wanna wait to order.


    http://www.falcon-nw.com - High end prebuilt custom pc's for people who dont trust a normal builder.

    http://www.xoticpc.com - For high end prebuilt towers and laptops. nice to compare pricing.

    http://directron.com - Can have some good prices, and some cool customization options
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    BigDaddyTankster got a reaction from Folterknecht in Would it be worthwhile to upgrade my graphics card?   
    If $150ish is your budget, what about upgrading both and try to increase performance overall.
    This would give you an upgrade of both cpu and gpu at the same time.  Just a thought.  Not an evga fan but for the money, that isn't a bad card.
    @OP ignore this advice - you currently have a AM3 socket system. The CPU BigDaddyTankster recommends is a FM2(+) CPU, which doesnt fit into your system.
    Also what HairlesMonkyBoy below says!
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to TheMarine0341 in American medium line being redone?   
    Perhaps move this to "Upcoming Changes" section
    The M3 just simply needs moved to the TD line, and replaced. But, its a tier 4 so who really cares?
    M4: My original $ grinder. Really, nothing wrong w/ this tank
    Ez8/Jumbo: That 76mm is just bad, I hate that gun more than any others in the game. Buffing the AP to 140 would be great, APCR bumped up to about 190
    T20: Historically this has a 76mm, not the 90mm. Frankly, the 90mm APCR is fucking un-real. But, if they want to buff it I'd make the gun handling even better
    Pershing: Um... better turret armor? Fuck, give it the T-32 turret and it'd be perfect!
    M46: Buff AP to 235, premium round of HEAT with 300mm pen
    M48: Um... cut the tumor in half?
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to RC_Tank in What makes you laugh in game?   
    whenever artillery dies
    especially if they burn to death, watching them drive around for a few seconds knowing they will die is so fucking satisfying and hilarious
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Rexxie in Stb1 or tvp   
    TVP has a better T6, 7, 9, and 10.
    STB has a better T5, 8, and the T10 is sexier.
    TVP is unquestionably the better T10, the STB is fairly solid but isn't particularly exceptional. The T9s are really what set them apart though; the czech T9 is incredible, while the Type 61 is pretty bad.
    Obviously I'm going to recommend the Czech line, but be warned that it may be nerfed within a few patches. If you grind slowly you might not reach T10 beforehand.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Tedafile in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    In Aslain's modpack, there is a default zoom setting in sniper mode. You can set it at x1 or x1.6 so it's always zoomed out when sniper mode is toggled.
    Pro tip: You can hold down left click and continuously fire... only took 12k battles to figure this out
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Snoregasm2 in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    Make the minimap big. Press '+' at least 3 times - you should never have to really focus on it or squint to see the layout of each team.
    Reloading? Check the minimap. Relocating? Check the minimap. Not firing? Check the minimap.
    When checking the minimap, it's often more important to look at which direction your frontline tanks are heading so you can use their spots, than it is to check where the spotted enemies are at that moment. A great example is Ruinberg from the South spawn - if you have a scout or med driving to the middle road in the village, get your ass to the middle road in the city to get those early snipes in. If your heavies start pushing across and in to their heavies, start flanking.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Shifty_101st in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    OOOOOOO Pro tip number 2
    That has to be the number 1 thing that irritates me about greens in light tanks.  Quit being fail padders, play like the Jingles and QB god you idolize and spot shit if you're in a fucking light tank, do damage when you can but learn when to prioritize doing damage over spotting shit.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Shifty_101st in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    According to @CarbonWard dynamic camera is supposed to stabilize your gun from moving up and down when going over small bumps and shit, horizontal naturally stabilizes the gun horizontally.  
    The negative however is this bullshit camera shaking that I wish WG would remove.
    My pro tip.  Don't be cheap, use large kits.  Arty will fuck you, RNG will fuck you, counter RNG with big kits so you don't play the rest of the match a gimped tank.
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    BigDaddyTankster reacted to Volpeus in inbalanced performances   
    My bet its just your "inexperience" that makes you play inconsistent. I too had sessions filled with awesome games with a healthy ammount of major fuck ups until like 17-18k battles. Consistency is all about how mny battles you have under your belt, i doubt there is some magic trick that would make it go away instantly. Well thats the bad news, the good news is, that it should go away "soon". Just think about it for a moment when you get rekt and ask yourself why did you fucked-up-so-royal and youll be fine. Eventually.
    The reason why you realise it now is because you have become better and your good results make more of a contrast with sudden deaths than before. Or at least that what i would think.
    Concerning tilting, what works for me is a " reality visit" every time i feel the rage building up inside. Just ask yourself why do you need so desperately good in this game. Does it make you earn more money at work? Does it make you do better at school? Does it get you to screw more chicks? Well it doesnt and nobody really gives a fuck if your good or bad at this game. Except for occassonal sweatty fat-ass with hairy armpits who happens to be addicted to the same game as you are which probably isnt your type anyway.
    So just chill when you fuck up, nobody cares,dont be the only one who does. And vice versa, dont be dick and mock anybody when they do. The guy whom you wish cancer because of a game performance might be the same guy whos gonna save your life with an ambulance when you get a heart attack. Its just a fucking game, priorities lie elsewhere.
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