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  1. I wonder if they will implement the double barrel design
  2. Found these interesting pics after purchasing the vehicles on test server The grille has a different turret IS4 has a stock turret and D25T, STI has the top gun and top turret.
  3. ummmm played one game wtf happend..


    1. Haswell


      Take it and don't complain.

    2. simba90


      there was a rental.

    3. TheChang


      I jumped from 85 to 94 in one game

  4. Try it then, it's in the shop. or maybe play ur friend's account . umm, I just thought it will be better if we can delay this vote a couple days. Object 252 obviously has a shot for the top of all tier 8 premiums, and it is already in the store. Excluding it from the list just because the topic was created before 252 was released to the public isn't gonna benefit future readers.
  5. Object252: 20 (U srsly not putting this up?lul tomorrow it is in the shop) M4A1 Revalorisé: 17AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 37 Löwe: 33 T26E5 (Patriot): 35Skorpion G: 20STA-2: 20 M46 KR: 23 112: 26Pz. 58 Mutz: 10 typical victim of powercreepWZ-111: 10T26E4: 6Type 59: 8
  6. I mean, srsly, we r not doing this after obj 252 releasing? Thats rude comrade.
  7. 0.0 How often do you guys do SH? tier6 or tier 8? do you usually use boost?
  8. Conqueror has to be one of the easiest mark ever attempted, cuz this thing is OP as fuck...the aim time and accuracy plus the shell speed combo is ace. But the absurd amount of low rolls and the frequent shell dipping at long range tho..XkMMHsY.jpg

    1. SaintLaurentius


      I never understood the hype around the tank. Everything other than the gun is trash.

    2. Cardinal_LZ


      @SaintLaurentiustrue dat, no armor besides the turret, and the tank is huge as fuck makes it a perfect target for arty. Hp pool is quite good at 1950, but not enough to make it a good solo pubing tank. Anyway my clan wants 215B so I am only grinding it through:doge::doge::doge:

  9. 3 marked my M46, now start the short 105 meme



  10. Lucky day. 3 Mastery badge out of 5 games~ Top tanker vehicle get maybe?jOprJ6m.jpg

  11. Do you take shitters like me. or are you officially dead?
  12. Seriously what is this Wargaming, Alright, I know aesthetic is a very subjective idea, but I am still gonna say GIVE BACK MY M26 MANTLE.I WANT TO EXPOSE IT PLZ NO COVER! Seriously, how difficult it is for wargaming to hear some player based thoughts before they actually finalize the HD model? oh wait, they never listen to their customers. So the current meta for USA HD model is putting canvas on every single of them, making the paint jobs look like they are ready to be disposed by glorious soviet hover tank? Seriously, OOsa does much better than this. Oh wait
  13. hmm, but with that front lower hull shape I will always expose a weak part to the enemy no matter which way I peak around corner. I dont quite understand, are you saying I should focus more on tactical maneuver instead of doing micros such as hiding my weak spots?
  14. So, how do I play E5 in city maps. I know there are obstacle here and there to hull down, but you just cant teleport from one hull down spot to another. When sidescaping is needed, I found it really awkward because . and in close range the cupola is not hard to hit with HEAT on map such as ENSK I usually go to spot 1 for early shots and then proceed to the next spot depends on how battle develops. And I realize aha I need to sidescrap, then get penned in the lower plate like no tomorrow. I have tried to bait shots but ppl rarely take the bait. Or they can just load HE
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