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  1. well that was actually pretty good, had you guys for awhile lol
  2. to be 100% honest, while this is no Reroll, I have read many guides before and have LOTS OF experience in WT:GF, I also made an account on the test named "baddie_Forever" but it only has 10 games on it and a tier 2....
  3. I think I can do better than what I have now to be honest, but thanks for the kind words of help, I will definitely have a read of some help guides
  4. I played the test server last week or something like that and I just bought all the cheap tier 8s, I also wanted a tier 6 so I kill those damn Hetzers that 1 shot my T2 light
  5. Hi guys, just started playing WoT today. So here is a little about me: I'm 24, Canadian, gud @ vidya games and I like hockey. So, I started playing this game today, and I figured I'd play about 50 games and see if Id like it. I love it. Such a good game, although it has its flaws. Anyway.... I started with a invite code (WOTLABS) and some gold. I purchased a Super Pershing, and a Type 64. I thought I sucked..... Then I realized the player base of this game... According to WOTLABS, I'm a Unicom. I think I'm actually terrible and I could be much better at this game then I am now. I played 40
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