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  1. WoT, I'm coming back for you!

    Also, hi. I'm back and stuff.

  2. From an "average" player's perspective, padding doesn't really matter to me. Anyone good enough to pad is still going to be leagues above me even if they're not padding, so I don't really see it as an issue. I just treat all unicums' skill level as effectively the same and move on with my life.
  3. Why the hell am I still up at 5 AM in the morning?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Starfflame


      My feels D:


      That's ponies' weakness!

    3. Siimcy
    4. zapyoug


      because fuck daylight and I hate seeing it?

      (someone please make a vampire seal emote)

  4. How is it possible to still lose credits on a match as good as that?
  5. Love dead cancer? Of course you do. Here's a pic of dead cancer.


  6. I fucked up this game. How could I have not caused my team to lose? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/starfflame-na-a42924d50361f886042a8faa55e9c6f1/erlenberg-usa-t26e4_superpershing-36381222002510279
  7. At 5'6" as a male, around here, there's a decent amount of girls who are just as tall as me (+-2in). Hard to feel particularly masculine when you have some chicks looking down at you.
  8. Tallest person (male) in my family at 5'6" . My parents are both 5'2". Tall for me starts at 5'10". >6'2" is a giant.
  9. Great self-analysis, @Britzz! It's always great to see what a purple player thinks about as they're playing the game. While there isn't much I can obtain simply by reading this single analysis of a single game containing its unique conditions, what it does do for me is make me a bit more aware of the complex decision-making process a player makes, even if the exact intricacies of why exactly they make the choices they do may be unclear to even themselves until they look back at a replay and ask themselves why they did what they did. Personally? I think learning the game can be (perhaps over-)s
  10. My recent WN8 will never be as awesome (Pic in the status feed on my profile)



    1. kolni


      You're improving pretty fast m8 :) 

    2. Starfflame


      I lost one 1337 number and gained another. (Look at victories total)



  11. Fuck Malinovka and the map designer who thought it was a good map.

    1. Trumpetah


      Oh please, Malinovka is one of the best maps in the game. Your E75 gets pandered to by 90% of the map rotation already. Think of how a Leopard PTA player feels on Stalingrad, Himmelsdorf, Kharkov and Abbey.

    2. Medjed


      i would play Malinovka instead of any city map every time

  12. For whatever reason I found this incredibly hilarious:


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    2. Cunicularius
    3. Starfflame



      I don't even know myself, man.

      Psychology is weird.

    4. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Star, he means that he can't take 2 seconds to see what happened.

      Cuni, his Tiger 2 tracks absorbed an E-100 HEAT shot. I guess he doesn't understand the relation between tracks and HEAT.

  13. 2.7k 12h wn8, getting above 1k wn8, and getting above 1.4k wn8 in my E 75.

    Can this day get any better? :disco: :woona:


    1. Medjed


      yes it could, you could stop caring about WN8 and you'd feel even better :fat:

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