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  1. wow rood I think I'll just post *some* *random* 1k xps Maybeh I'll find the others if Im bothered
  2. Tis being better than the average shitter on the server.... and SEA is good if you want to experience artillery or light tanks in all classes.... cause shitters like to either camp or yolo and die
  3. Well.... *cough* *my* screenies *cough* are *cough* somewhere *cough*
  4. KAC is always an option for the can't be ****ed for tanks, with the occasional rally here and there lol
  5. Completely made obsolete by the one and only artillery cause arty stop kemping tanks... including those that can only camp and snipe at long ranges
  6. Surprisingly wotlabs and wotreplays aren't blocked at school... In other news.... just look at this wtpziv that threw the game for his team: http://wotreplays.com/site/3106533#fisherman_s_bay-outcom-lekpz_m_41_90_mm_gf
  7. The joyous days of losing 90% or your entire tank in one go lmao
  8. Agreed lol. Had a game where I only fired 4 shots.... all of them penned and did 3.5k damage...
  9. Whenever a new premium tank is release not in a separate patch like the blackdog will not have WN8 values until there is enough data to calculate WN8. Else you'd be sitting on like 12k WN8 every battle for the first few hours that the tanks come out and it'll mess everything up.
  10. Tier 6 strongholds stopping and aiming ish hard and not worth the effort when everyone just yolos in Don't ask why we're playing T6's... Tots not for the 600k creds/hour
  11. Funny part is in strongholds when it's like focus fire on the low health tank and autoaim clicks to the full health one and you just hear furious right clicking to get it to aim to the right tank
  12. Isn't there two buttons on the top right hand corner of the screen you can pres to pause the video and to turn off the music? Other than that you'd probably have to turn ingame music off
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