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  1. Between work and stuff I haven't played everyday but it didn't help much, I'll tactically withdraw into pve for few days. More or less on subject, is M1A1(t8) playble in pvp or it's M1(t7) case again ?
  2. I been playing for a month now, which I must say showed me AW did improve a lot since I last played it but in the past few days I had hit the worse losing streak I ever had in online gaming; The frustrating part is I'm actually improving game play wise while still losing and the funny part I'm really bad with names yet, thanks to the small player base AW has, I can recognise players and clan tags and predict what would happen in the match.
  3. Did just just that two battles later, 3.5k dmg and 3rd rep on team but it could just has much went completely differently.
  4. They did but the reticle can be funky at times for some reason, I haven't gone over the changelog so I have no idea if it's intentional feature or issue I'm having.
  5. I started playing t8 (Ariete), having the 'best battle of the week' with 500 dmg in t10 match (@breeeze was there) I noticed it feels worse than wot being t8 in t10 match. T10 mbt's just point and overmatch you and you need to play the sniper role until your higher tier mbt's made enough opening you to move and flank if they didn't gg. @Stige If you don't play higher than t8 you could hit me ingame.
  6. My brother has non-gaming related youtube channel, I'm well aware and appreciate the time, effort and energy it takes to bring even the shortest video to light. This could work well as long as it doesn't disturb the flow of the video for you. :-)
  7. I'm sure you're being told this a lot but your new format with commentating is nice, having the insight of what goes through knowledgeable/skillful player's mind is great help for the thought process of scrubs, just like the one posting this. Please do keep showing your setup with the score, it's also helpful to 'borrow' some of your retrofits setup.
  8. Thank you @breeeze I think I do have you but I don't like to approach people out of the blue. The discussion about AW is welcome, when I left it was due to work taking most of my time but I been already discontent with AW and WOT and the little free time I did have I spent on DCS. I do believe like many of you AW improved a lot, there're issues with balance and it does seem worse in higher tiers from the little bit I played in them. I been girding the lower tier Chinese 3-4 and it seems like WOT's meta of steam rolling teams which I personally don't like but I think it's to do w
  9. I took break from AW and WOT around November of last year and been getting back into both, been playing a bit but it seems like the player base just ran way and teams are really 'fun'. I started going up the Chinese tree and still have up to tier 7 in other trees if anyone is interested in platooning, let me know.
  10. How high of tier did you play ? what you describe I agree is general issue and hopefully will be solved with the vision/spotting changes but it's worse in lower tiers; At least in higher tiers you do get players which seem to understand that it's push or be pushed, that's why most battles I witness sadly end with 10-0 or something as ridicules.
  11. I don't think it's any worse than wot, some maps are as bad but on some maps you can choose your movements and flank. In wot I think E5 is the perfect tank now, it can spot for itself, flank and tank but in AW no MBT can do that you're blind and AFV's or Lights will control vision and clean you, on some maps it doesn't matter but on others it really does.
  12. From discussion of games you reached human nature and global economy, not bad at all, allow me to also bite; I think four things effect why people buy stuff of lesser quality and huge low quality brands can success: 1. People are Impatient they want things here and now and don't wish to wait even for better quality. 2. Price - No need to explain. 3. Stupidity. 4. Pack mentality - i.e I see someone else has "X" I want it too. You listed few companies but there are so many and they are huge and I said global economy for a reason those "issues" are global and not limited to this country or the ot
  13. The first arty is premium at tier 3 and the others at tier 4+. What you're describing is mostly new open beta meta which for now mostly effects lower tiers, the issue if you ignore the iq of the new more extended player base is mostly players not doing the switch of mindset into new game which might be similar to wot but it plays a bit different.
  14. You're right I play with music and have the game very low, the SFX settings control the garage sound.
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