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  1. @3MAJ86How did you get that graph? Literally, manually put it in after every game, or is there a mod you can run to generate it?
  2. My 1st T9 3 Marks! I've been chasing these for a long time now. So happy I finally crossed the 95%.
  3. Rudy 3 marks, took much longer than the t3485 (218 games because I'm not so good).
  4. I have so many British crews its just not funny anymore :(. I've been thinking this myself, and I think I'm going to keep the crusader just so I don't have to put them in the barracks. I'll probably buy back the 7/1 and the Achilles (I know its not a medium, but its basically a faster firing firefly) just so I have them in the garage.
  5. Would it be possible to separate Games from before this next patch and games after?

    If not could you sort by date perhaps and chuck everything before X day? 


    Its been 3 months since my last game, I'm getting serious FOMO and withdraw symptoms. I really want to set my garage up for 9.18 but it's 8 hours by plane :( 

  6. Bp is crap, but I really love the caravan. Like love it enough to 3 mark it (was my 2nd t8 to be finished), and if I can mark a tank anyone can. I love the gun depression, I love the gun and I love the style of the tank. However, the first 20 pndr is so so so much worse. It shouldn't be such a huge difference but, at least for me it really really was. The grinds on British tanks is really shit for almost all of them. Once you've unlocked the conq playing it stock is god awful. I lasted 5 battles before using that precious free xp to get the turret gun and tracks. Personally the car
  7. Whats the average dmg on that? 3k ish?
  8. *i still play tanks but I'm going to chime in anyhoo* Wargame: red dragon is the bomb, my most played game on steam. civ 6 bit of a cross between endless legend and civ 5, endless space, age of wonder 3, diablo 3, cities skylines, sim city annnnd armoured warfare (but I guess you've probably had enough of tank games for life) tyranny from paradox is on my to buy list but I'm not 100% convinced yet.
  9. You are not being retarded, my guess would be a mod so you can actually see the damn things
  10. Do I see e25s being given away??? Wtf America, come to Europe and give me an e25. Also y'all moaning about getting given free stuff is hilarious, it's almost like you are the only server to have this rewards system...... oh wait you are
  11. I have just hit the most insane arty shot of all time! (I know its arty but eu special and I'm sure as hell not playing normal tonks with 4 arty per game). Fast forward to 1 min before the game ends and watch from there. (or watch the whole thing its still a pretty decent game for arty).


    that poor borsig must be so salty.

    1. Shade421
    2. rabidmonkey679


      During arty special weekends I have no issue being part of the problem. I only played 7 games because I don't find arty enjoyable (unless ofc you blind shot a borsig with 20 secs left on the clock), but I'd be a fool not to grab at least one tanks triple Xp :doge2:

  12. I really enjoyed global ops, more competitive than pve and not as 'you must learn the meta or perish' as pvp. 100% would recommend.
  13. Where's carbon ward when you need him . I need another 1000 games at 3k recent so it will probably take me 1500 or so allowing for durp days. Hopefully ill get there before the new CW event. BRB got to go play t54 a bit more.
  14. The civ 6 soundtrack is another level of epic, civ games have always had good music but holy shit, if I could have this soundtrack and Leonard nimoys narration.... what a game that would be (Although Mr. Stark is still pretty damn good).

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