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  1. Assuming that the first 2 driver crew skills for both vehicles are BIA and Repairs, which 3rd skill would you pick for the T110E5 and the T57 Heavy? Off-road driving: Enables the Driver to reduce the terrain resistance penalty that is applied to a vehicle's maneuverability and acceleration when it is moving over soft or wet ground or a terrain other than a road. Smooth ride: Enables the Driver to reduce the penalty accuracy and shot dispersion that is applied to shots made while the vehicle is moving. Clutch breaking: Enables the Driver to increase the traverse speed, or rotation speed, of the vehicle.
  2. I'm aware of a post similar to this one existing already, but it was back in 2012/2013, so recent changes in accuracy, nerfs and buffs, as well as the addition of new tanks may make those information obsolete, so I just wanted to create a new post to see what everyone thinks now. I already have a Vertical Stabilizer and Gun Rammer on my T110E5, but I don't know whether Vents or Optics is better nowadays for the 3rd equipment slot. My T110E5 crew is 69% through on their 3rd skill and here's what I have so far: Commander: BIA, 6th sense, repairs Driver: BIA, repairs, clutch breaking Gunner: BIA, repairs, snap shot Loader: BIA, safe stowage, repairs Just wanna know y'all opinions, thanks
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