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  1. I'm actively trying to improve my wr, that's why I'm doing earlier damage and playing more aggressively. I uploaded a replay I wanted watched to the replay forum. When I get home I can upload my last 5 if someone is actually willing to watch them. As for padding lights, I'm also playing a lot of mediums, and have increased my stats on tier 10 meds as well. I find I play them much better than slower tanks. I'm going for the ru 251 right now for cw, then the t54lwt and 50 100.
  2. However, it was certainly something. The entire game felt off, like I was staying in the same spot too long. I feel like I should have shifted north or something. I'll admit, it wasn't actually a terrible game, but that's not because I was doing good, it's because the other team was doing bad. My team (including me) just so happened to end up doing even worse. http://wotreplays.com/site/2189120#stats I don't know, please try to make something of this for me. Running SPIC, Binos, net, vents, fresh female crew with sixth and a tad under maxed camo. My playstyle has been changing a bit to do earlier damage and play a bit more aggressively than before in order to increase my winrate.
  3. You're doing good in that T95, better than I was doing before I sold it. I agree, it's a nice tank, but because it's so slow your team will sometimes roll the other team before you get your gun in the game, or will get wrecked and you'll be wolfpacked and killed before you get to do significant damage. It's a nice tank, I had nearly 1k games in mine. Just keep doing what you're doing, if you can hold your recent over 1500 you'll be good to go. Don't forget, the T95 has Klingon cloaking device teir camo for a TD. If you put a good crew in it, BiA, net, and vents, and properly use bush mechanics, you will basically go unspotted until they run into you. Though I don't actually know if that's a great setup for it, I haven't touched mine since I had like 3-4k total battles. Just remember, the E3 is harder to get wn8 in, so try not to get too stressed out with that in mind once you buy it. It turned me off from the tank a while back, and now I only really use it in clan wars or tier 10 strongholds.
  4. Unfortunately my recent wn8 has stuck around 1,700-1,800, and has been like that for a couple months now. Grinding new light tanks seems to help, as I have just started on the Ru 251 line looking for another tier 8 light, mainly because I don't like the thought of grinding out a T54lwt since I already have the T62a unlocked with the Obj 140 sitting in my back pocket if I ever want to research and buy it. Anyway, recent wn8 has stuck around the same level for a while, and while It'll bounce around a bit, it has yet to really start improving again. Is there anyone that can help me start pulling 2k+? I have a slightly more aggressive play style now because of how low my winrate was, I'm trying to get that up as well, so it's all a grind. Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Some of us don't club the newbies in tier 5 all day.
  6. Many good players never play arty, besides maybe a few games on the test server to prove to themselves it's overpowered (which it isn't). This leads to them never experiencing what shots arty might have in certain spots, only worrying about standard tanks. Then, once they get hit for the 300th time in the same exact spot, they rant on the forums about how arty is OP and needs to be removed ASAP. This is frequently followed with comments like "Why this game is dying" or "Why every good player is deleting their account".
  7. QnA

    What if Q&A

    I don't understand. What if I what? On a more serious note, what if all the major top clans war decced each other, outside of whomever they are already in an alliance with?
  8. I think you guys have a good point on modules, forgot about those not grinding anything in a good while. I think I'll spend some 130k left on what I need for the batchat, then save the rest for modules.
  9. Have nearly 350k free xp stinking up my game right now. All unspent and wanting to be used. I have the lorraine and T54, so I was thinking of finishing off the Batchat 25 Ton and OBJ 140 (already have the 62A). Or, since I was doing a lot of tier 8 clan wars before, I could get some more t8 viable clan wars tanks, such as the T32. Or I could dump it all on Japanese heavies once released and regret it forever. Thoughts?
  10. Interesting stuff, I know about a couple months ago I could have used the help!
  11. You can find bad games of any platoon in any clan. It happens.
  12. My overall stats kill me permanently on both Limbo and Bimbo. :/ Best of luck on recruiting anyway!
  13. Look forward to seeing a new productive member of the community! (Said the guy with like 4 posts)
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