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  1. Just typical useless WG EU English forum moderation team in action This isnt the first time they do stuff like this...
  2. Latest rumours suggested that the swedish tanks are going to be release on 13th Dec btw: Finally made my first reply on wotlab apart from the newcomer page.... kek
  3. Actually is nice to see some SEA tankers around
  4. The meta is quite different imo, EU tends to be slightly "more" aggressive when comparing to SEA server and teammates tends to have better awareness of the game development basically you have to do everything yourself if you want to win. You simply cannnot count on random teammate. Like this Weather Forecast: A storm of tomatos and zombies incoming
  5. I am an ex-eu server player. Since I now moved to Asia and I started a new account on the Asia. Took me a while to get use to how the sea server plays out
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