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  1. Looks like it's referring to a piece of equipment, not the gunner - elevation or traverse wheel maybe. edit: neeevermind not inspecting the image closely enough
  2. ironcladgnome

    Leopard 1

    (Ill advisedly) My first tier 10 only advantages it has over other t10 meds are extremely marginal especially in light of your lack of armor/autoloader/snapshot capability (vs rumeds/patton) - would kill for even some "unreliable" ricochet armor like on mutz or leopard proto turret - I can see why m48 patton is so well regarded all in all still enjoying it tho! (at least until I get obj 140) ps WG pls give this 105mm pen HE like brit L7 tanks (for the worlds tiniest buff) - historical as the HE is HEP (High Explosive Plastic AKA HESH)
  3. Have you tried HE penning soft targets (like other kolohousenkas) also:
  4. Sounds legit. This tank largely replaced T-34-85 as one of my main play4fun/creds tanks and I seemed to do OK in it - going back to 34-85 I can see that it's in another league entirely. #shouldhaveboughtaRudy
  5. re: rexxie/wn9 errors aside my best explanation is that large size, no armor, low hit points, bad gun handling & mediocre gun dep cumulatively make it a tough tank to play for average/poor players you have to be able to cope with the above to utilize the basically good combo of mobility, solid alpha/dpm
  6. Not going to vote but want to give a quick defense of Mittengard 1. teaches newbies BASIC MECHANICS OF DRIVING/SHOOTING without having to worry about sophisticated higher tier game mechanics or getting one shot by hidden arties/tds - it's basically FPS style gameplay with tanks which is imo FINE for an entry level map 2.Passivity/camping not rewarded - matches usually won by a strong flanking push 3. Mercifully short games - don't most of us agree that low tiers are basically a cesspit that anyone with half a brain wants to get out of ASAP at this point? ps anyone who thinks that Province was good map for beginners is a hateful goblin
  7. I'm not an amazing player but imo the 132 AP pen is already workable (with some heat sprinkled in), the AP pen buff is welcome but not "needed" I describe this tank as a T-34/85 that trades a little bit of almost everything (larger/softer/less gun dep/worse gun handling) for better alpha (and slightly better dpm) - it's probably the worse tank of the two (or at least the cruder instrument) but i perform OK in it and enjoy playing it TohtoriP - I use rammer/vents/optics but ymmv
  8. ^ Thanks for the input guys. I've had the Leo PTA for a couple of days now - loving it (free xp'd the 105mm). I went ahead with Sixth for Cmdr and Safe Stowage for loader, and camo across the board - haven't chosen 2nd skills for driver/gunner yet. Looking back on my choices for other (medium) crews I think I've overvalued some gunner/driver skills (particularly smooth ride?) vs camo/repair/BiA.
  9. I'm going to be claiming my first ladycrew for Leopard Proto (and later Leopard 1) shortly - anyone have input on crew skills? My thoughts are Sixth / Snap Shot / Off-Road Driving (not sure if I would be better served by clutch braking/smooth ride/something else here) / Safe Stowage also wasn't sure about priority of camo vs repairs - I've tended to go for camo first in my meds so far but I feel like I might be mistaken in this
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