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  1. Thanks for the tips, I just sold my 50 120 after grinding the last 20k + 2 marking it :D. Ill try to grab a 50bae, and with the leftover money, ill scrape up enough to get a 113 as well due to the 15% discount.
  2. With the new RoF buffs on the 113, can it compete for the same role as the IS-7 now? Or is it just a "different" 121?
  3. So far on the TS, I loved it, it had basically the same reload as my 121, and the armor was workable, bouncing the endless stream of HEAT that is the TS. About the 50bae, I pull really good games in the 50 120, but auto-loaders in general make me stressed with their playstyle, is the 50bae a worthy upgrade to the 50 120?
  4. Currently I have 2 Tier 10s unlocked, 121 in my Garage and the 113 which I havent bought yet. Im around 30k away from the 50bae and 140k from the E100. With the upcoming buffs (Which I tried on the TS) Is it worth it to buy the 113 with the 15% off in a day? Or should I spam 50 120 games and get a 50bae?
  5. Its a thing I have noticed. I'm a fucking pussy. I can relate this back to my WT days (1.4k hours played woo) where being a pussy was the only way to stay alive. But now, even in a top tier HT, im still subconsciously afraid of getting hit. When I do force my self to go ham (with reason) it usually ends up with a amazing result, or I get sent to the garage in 3-4 seconds. Each time I fail, I feel like the next game consists of me avoiding shot, not pushing and just overall damage farming things. My CO is from the EU server, and each time we toon, he criticizes me on how passive I play. But unlike game knowledge like angling or sidescraping, its more about my personality in real life. I see this in other games as well, like LoL or CS:GO and especially WT. There is being opportunistic and there is being a pussy, and often I feel like im a total pussy. How the hell do I become a raging asshole (jk) and carry games without playing like I have 1hp left.
  6. ;-; I visited a Québec while back but we didn't have enough time to go past Québec City. I never knew about this and its definitey gonna be on the plans for my next visit
  7. Hey Jingles! I remember the first video I watched from you! The reason I subbed to you! I had recently gotten War Thunder and I searched it in YT and found a brand new release a British Mustang gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZF7XmiC7u8. (The rage :D) Its been around 2 years now and tbh, with the recent (and not so recent) changes in WT (Reduced spotting, reduced rewards, OP bombers becoming EXP pinatas, various bugs) my interest has been waneing, yet I dont want to leave it. With 1450 hrs logged in the game and jets in each nation I have invested too much. So my question is, how do you keep yourself interested in the game, what do you do that is fun?
  8. Like said in the last thread, I freeexped the top turret (no more overmatches yay!) and I have the top engine from the WZ-120. Even still, the 100mm is just so lacking, with my financial situation (30k credits) I cannot afford to fire gold, or i risk not even being able to repair my tank. The armor is lacklustre at best, what a turret, but the hull is a easy pen for any 9-10 tank even some 8's. Its fast, but I don't know how to use that speed without a autoloader, Its got a good flanking gun... for a med, and the armor is good... to a extent. Will there be a huge change once I grab the 130mm? or is the tank's faults my faults?
  9. Im around 40k from my WZ-111 1-4, and i want to know if the stock is as painful as the WZ-120 (oh god kill me). Iv been hording free exp, but is the 100mm and stock turret viable in the tiers it faces?
  10. The 110 is a powerful tank, I didnt realize that until i fully upgraded it. Within city maps or corridor maps, i can usually maximize my armor to the majority of the enemy. Here comes the problem, when there are more then 2 enemies at different angles do i face the one with more alpha? The one with more ROF? More DPM? or should I count reloads to traverse my tank the the next reloaded target?
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