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  1. I'm a returning player and have just got back into my grove past day or so for my stats and I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things before I start looking for a competitive clan to try and get the new pretty tanks "chieftain I'm looking at you". If you want to grind mostly tier 7-8-9 with me just add me and lets have some fun mainly looking for people around my skill level and up but either way I hope you all have a great day
  2. I have quit and came back for some fun with friends that I'm playing the game with right now *they just started and that seems to make me rage less when teaching a friend to play* but other then that csgo is some nice fun with high skill cap when you get good, also some solo campaign games are always fun dishonored and soon to be dishonored 2 are winners for me. Overwatch is a great game just not one I really play much anymore it's kinda a love hate relationship with it. I also workout more and eat healthier foods which seems be for the best and started reading a lot of books and drawing more
  3. i got a list of them so far got 38/41 prizes and there is a hidden 42 one but overall you can get some alright things and it just seems rng based and nothing special about some houses, would love to tell you all the prizes but there is a contest for whoever can get all 41 so gl to you all
  4. So I have just got back into this game from about a 1-2 year break and have played about a week and would like peepz to roll with. also drink a lot of water so we can yell at arty's together
  5. good guide....rip for 30 days but still the bubla guy was a dick for all the crap he said, anyway you did give him a shot but oh well you know what his reply's will be.
  6. Just stay here and talk about it in status or in threads like this.
  7. In 1 hour the doors to AW will be open are you ready for the 5 man pve?
  8. 1hour in till the open beta for AW.......can't wait...it's gonna be good:awyeah:

    1. RutgerS


      it is indeed.

  9. what the f*ck am I reading right now my god, I don't know why but I'm liking it
  10. we only have t8s max atm with tier 10 planned for later...well at least in the stress test, no idea but it's probably be balls to the wall crazy fights with missiles everywhere.
  11. ehhhh....a few super unicums from wot I played with say they only feel like blue players in AW...even tho our wr is like 90% while playing....it's a lot harder to carry I think because it's not a 1v1 or a 1v2 in a fight its a lot more team based...*as in if you get spotted you could have 5-10 people able to shot at you kinda thing on a lot of maps so no super unicums on AW only good-great players with teamwork
  12. Been playing this all day + with garbad and friends all the time and it's a blast within 5hours I got my first t5 ....people say the grind is hard but if you know what you are doing* AKA you don't yolo Sui* you will be fine. Though ts with friends are always preferred as you will win more but even if you lose but you do well, you still make a lot in pvp only thing winning does is give you some extra stuff*as in if you did ok you can make 200k crtz on a lost . and PVE is where its at boys may not make same amount of crtz *as in pvp* but 5 man platoons ftw. long story short its very nice and fun
  13. that's fine and all but you acted like a dick every time you posted so you get no love from people
  14. Garbad, just bought the founders pack and all the good stuff, when I get on the game what should I do? any tips ect for whats a good line to go down for solo and or team play or should I start off in PVE to get the hang of things ect
  15. I agree with Rexxie. *You should also go into test servers when they are up to see what one fits you*
  16. I'm down just spam me and hope for the best
  17. I feel dirty now but I'm down if you want to stomp some people
  18. I seem to have a very big group of friends in world of tanks but no one wants to run T9's and well shit I got 4 I need to grind. Don't want potatoes, I need them winz to get the t10s fast.
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