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  1. Was caught speeding one time to many so I get a free vacation. 3 months (2 with good behavior) If anyone want to play my EU account feel free while I am gone. Here are the tanks in the garage: **Send a PM for login.
  2. Would a i5-4690K instead of 4460 make more sense so I can ocerclock cpu?
  3. I want to upgrade my rig and need some help to chose upgrade path. Uses: Gaming, Accounting and some photo editing (lightroom. small scale) My rig today: http://www.prisjakt.no/list.php?l=232040&view=b Alternative 1: http://www.prisjakt.no/list.php?l=249693&view=b Upgrade to 16GB ram and a CPU I can overclock with a better cooler. Alternative 2: http://www.prisjakt.no/list.php?l=249696&view=b Upgrade to a six core CPU and new mobo with DDR4 ram. Any input?
  4. I have shared the login with a couple of people from this thread. Leaving for vacation tonight. Enjoy!
  5. Anyone want to statpad on this account while the owner is gone? He wont be back for at least 4 weeks. (EU account) Dont sell prem tanks or 50B, otherwise do as you please Current inventory
  6. I owed Nelson this one so its his now. No more free accounts for now but there might be one more later.
  7. I have another account to give away if anyone else wants to play on EU. Edited out the name this time.
  8. Pics removed and the account is gifted away.
  9. Made a reroll account and bought some gold to get the recruit reward but lost motivation. Instead of just letting it sit and rot I will give it away for free to someone who will play on it. If you want to grind out an tier10 even better.
  10. Here are the EU specials http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/44/wargaming-anniversary-2015/#Premium Shop
  11. I see. So AFE and a 50/50 split of ammo should do it.
  12. Batchat it is then. 1390 need a lot of apcr spam to be decent, should I also stock up on food for it?
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