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    T54 Help

    I think more passive now because of the amount of arty lately :/ It feels like im not doing enough in games where I'm top tier, so yeah I guess im being too passive I did ok in the T44, but near the end of the grind it got bad for some reason. I didn't change anything...I play the T54 frontlines with some sniping. When I got it, I thought the armor would be really good. Turns out it's not. I'll be at or near the frontlines, lets say on Fjords for example, on E5 when a WZ120 tries to rush me then fails, but for some odd reason a WT pz 4 follows him and pens my turret with the 15
  2. CN_Minus

    T54 Help

    I just got a T54 and I thought I would do well in it. Turns out I completely suck. I know I know, the T54 is an OP tank that no one should have a problem with, but unfortunately I do. I hate to explain the problem with statistics, but it's the best way I can. I started out with about 3.2k dpg, then it became 3k, then 2.8k, then 2.6k, then 2.4k at 41 battles. As for WR, i'd say it's all over the place. I've been told that to get better you should play many battles in one tank, but so far that isn't working. Every game it seems like i'm not doing enough or I have to chase what little damage exis
  3. Here is a game I had in the t44. Not the highest damage game but a good game nonetheless.


    Critique of this game is welcome.

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