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  1. Oh and by the way, if your question didn't get answered here I'll make an effort to do it in tomorrows' Mingles with Jingles providing I think I can make an entertaining or informative answer to it. Thanks again for enduring me for the past four hours!
  2. 1. Possibly, but likely not anywhere other than the SEA server. GuP has its fans but it's not that well known anywhere outside of Asia and there's that stigma associated with anime in the West that almost certainly means WOT EU or NA are never going to risk polarising their audience by associating the game with it. 2. Mingles with Jingles because the audience demanded it. WYHTBM because I wanted to do a video that wouldn't require me to talk rubbish for half an hour and it seemed like it would be easy (it wasn't), and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly because it just seemed like the combination of different types of games would make a nice contrast. 3. Wargaming started the Contributor program and I was the top English language YouTuber, it was a no-brainer for them to ask me to join, and I wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to get priority queue access to the test servers, exclusive early access content and invitations to attend things like Tankfest at Wargamings' expense. It's worked out pretty well. I occasionally do and say things they probably wish I wouldn't but at the end of the day I'm not going to be one of those guys who just sings Wargamings praises and never voices any criticism so people know that when I do sing their praises I mean it, and I think they understand that. 4. Clan Wars? Er... not enough experience, can't comment on that. As far as popularity is concerned I've no doubt that people like me, Quickybaby and Circon help, but I don't kid myself that WOT wouldn't be popular if it wasn't for people like us. It's a good game, it would be doing well if we never existed, but our influence certainly doesn't hurt either, and that's what WG are trying to capitalise on with the Community Contributor program. It's a win/win situation for both us and WG. 5. Yeah, subscribe to WOT Labs! I don't. I have almost zero interest in War Thunder these days. It's an awesome game with some seriously talented developers that's being systematically run into the ground by management intent on milking every last penny from it at the expense of things like common sense and actually having something worth playing. The only thing that interests me in War Thunder are Air Sim Battle replays, because it's the one thing that War Thunder does well that hardly anyone else is doing, and I'm nowhere near good enough to do that myself so all I do with War Thunder lately is watch other peoples' matches. I am curious to see how they're going to implement Naval combat though. 1. Oh God please no. Top speed submerged, 8 knots at the very best, instantly destroyed if they get spotted on the surface. They're going to have to start taking some serious liberties with reality if they're going to make submarines work. And Battleships already have enough to worry about. 2. Czech tanks in WOT? I'm pretty sure they're going to be the next national tech tree, they're pretty much the only nation left that can cover all the bases from tiers 1 to 10. Not nearly as scary or intimidating as I thought it would be. You're all unicums, shouldn't you be being all elitist and snobby or something? I'm pretty much there for my baby-faced good looks and devastatingly witty conversational skills, Ed Francis is the brains behind the project. I'm happy to be onboard just to promote the project and raise awareness, it's the last surviving example of the FV3805 and worth preserving, also it's going to be a lot cheaper and easier to preserve than something like a Main Battle Tank in a similar condition, for example. There's a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FV3805?fref=ts and a Kickstarter up at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1013126295/fv3805-restoration-project 1. Yeah, it turned out I'd been flagged for team damage on June 30th, but I don't even remember the issue that prompted it. The only thing I needed to do was to do a certain amount of damage to enemy tanks without doing any damage to friendly tanks and the flag was lifted. WG Support responded pretty damn quickly to my ticket, not really surprising. 2. Almost certainly not on the EU or NA server because anime = borderline paedophilia in too many Western minds (and lets be honest here, a lot of anime IS borderline paedophilia) and WG aren't going to want to polarise their audience. On the SEA server, almost certainly yes. 3. I'm looking at those huge, flat slabs of armour and thinking "Okaaaaay... maybe not." Probably not, even though I think it deserves to be. WOT is just in the same position as World of Warcraft - got in there early, cornered the market, set the benchmark and is just too big to be dislodged regardless of how good it's competition is. It'll certainly do well enough to be a great success, though. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "minor internet celebrity" thing. On the one had it's flattering to the ego, on the other hand it would be good to be able to visit The Tank Museum and actually be able to see some tanks instead of standing in the same spot for six hours shaking hands and saying hello. I guess that's the price you pay, and I've certainly got no-one but myself to blame. Football doesn't interest me in the slightest, sorry. I have almost zero interest in any kind of sport. You can probably tell from my huge fat ass. I do of course have opinions on subjects like these and they may surprise you. I tend to be strongly liberal on certain subjects and strongly conservative on others, but while you could argue that famous people have a responsibility to use their fame to speak out and influence people on subjects that matter to them, and I may even agree with you on that, I restrict myself to simply encouraging people to research the facts for themselves and make their own minds up. First and foremost because too many people just believe everything they're told and there can NEVER be too many questioning what they hear, and secondly because I'm a fat retired sailor playing games on YouTube and if you're getting your opinions from me you really need to get out more. Read a book every now and then. Things like that. Yeah, pretty embarrassing, isn't it? Sorry about that. Yeah, it's been a busy four hours but a pleasant four hours too. 1. Luchs! Chaffee! TOG! 2. Yeah, the Chi Nu Kai. It's completely mediocre in every respect and I didn't enjoy playing it at all but every game I can remember playing in it I seemed to do well. Well... by my standards. 3. Go anywhere, do anything. It's the ultimate space sandbox game, but be warned, your life will disappear. And on that bombshell, it's time for me to get back to work! It's been a busy four hours but I have to stop here, so my apologies to the people who wrote the 17 new replies sitting there blinking at my in the notification box at the bottom of the screen. I have to go start getting tomorrows' Mingles with Jingles video ready (which if you've read this far you don't need to bother watching tomorrow because cut and paste ftw) so I'd like to thank the mods for working their tails off making this whole AMA possible and you lot for turning up and being considerably nicer than I was expecting. Thanks again, and take care, folks!
  3. Doing YouTube replay videos is easier but going to museums is more fun. 1. I have never owned a car. I don't even have a driving license, Yeah, I know. I suck. 2. More bacon! 3. Cyberlink Power Director, because it's was cheap, simple to use and had pretty powerful features. Now if it would just stop crashing all the time... I do sometimes find myself watching a game and thinking "That would be a perfect example for explaining game mechanic x to an audience" and them promptly forgetting about it. I really need a minion to sit behind me taking notes all day while I'm watching replays. And making coffee. And bringing me sandwiches. Hmm.. I wonder if Rita's busy? 1. I'd like to but it's a long, expensive trip and for some bizarre reason most of the people I knew there now live in Australia or Portugal! It's nice to see Neil Blomkamp doing well and exposing the world to a bit of South African culture, I just wish he'd spared us the experience of "Chappie" though. 2. Because we both completely lack all imagination. Kubinka in Moscow. It has some amazing vehicles but it's not really a museum as much as an active military base so what you can do there is heavily restricted. They're moving all the exhibits to another location however, combining and centralising exhibits from most of the Moscow museums into one place, so you never know... 1. I've managed to successfully avoid getting married for 45 years and I see no reason to break my winning streak now! 2. I always regretted not being able to visit Hong Kong with the Navy while it was still ours, and I'd love to get the chance to see the birth place of Chow Yun Fat and John Woo for myself. I'd probably enjoy it a lot more than mainland China itself, and it would be significantly easier to visit. One of my best friends in the Navy was actually Hong Kong Chinese, an Electronic Warfare Petty Officer named William Pitt. He was from Happy Valley, his family had a thing for naming their eldest sons after British Prime Ministers. Cowboy BeBop, Fate/Stay Night and just started trying out Sword Art Online. That's pretty much it. Oh I like the new Appleseed movies too. I'm not really an anime fan as much as I like certain of the designs and art direction. Oh God, K-On! Yes, I loved K-On. No, I'm not proud of it. The Czech tanks I don't know much about, but I do know that the Czechs had one of the biggest and best armament industries both before, during and after WWII. The Japanese heavies.... I just look at those big, flat armour angles and think "Lunch!" While on HMS Southampton we had the honour of embarking a US Marine boarding party from the US Naval Base at Rota in Spain to conduct anti-terrorist ops in the Mediterranean. Good bunch of guys, even if they couldn't hold their beer. They did win the ships' Tug of War contest though. Pretty easily! 1. I rarely watch WoT streams, although I do from time to time lurk in Fiaura the Tank Girls' livestream. http://www.twitch.tv/fiaurathetankgirl 2. RitaGamer of course! http://www.twitch.tv/ritagamer2 3. The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChucks' Revenge. Best. Game. Ever. 1. I liked the idea of going to war and having a roof over my head with air conditioning and never being more than 200 metres from a laundry, while still actually being in a military service (so that naturally ruled out the Air Force). 2. I was initially a Radio Operator but found it as interesting as watching paint dry (but it was still a better love story than Twilight) and then transferred branch to what was called the Writer branch. Now you might think that being a Pay Clerk would be less interesting than standing on the bridge wings operating a signal lamp or tuning HF Radio Sets, but there's a lot to be said for sitting in a comfortable chair all day working on a computer and getting a good nights' sleep every night when other people are sweating in engine rooms or getting up to do a six hour shift in the Ops Room at 2am in the morning. 1. The TOG. If YouTube stops working out I'd always have somewhere to live. 2. I wouldn't. There are plenty of little gossip-mongerers out there who are all too happy to describe it for me. 3. Australia and New Zealand are top of the list. Don't feel as if I'm leaving your country out, but the chances are I've probably already been there. 4. Kittens are just cats you haven't learned to distrust yet. 5. The craziest thing isn't something that actually happened to me, but I'll tell you about it anyway. Be warned, what you are about to hear is definitely NOT safe for work.
  4. Well I'm no longer in a clan and the last time I played a CW match was about three years ago so take what I have to say here with a pinch of salt, but in my experience training is important if you want to be good at anything. If you're going to do well in anything team related you need to put a lot of time in training with your teammates so you know what your team is going to do in any given situation without having to ask or be told because you've been in that situation with them so many times before. That's why the military train all the time when they're not fighting or doing maintenance, so the actions they need to take become automatic and they do what they need to do without someone having to tell them how. Also, do what your commander tells you to do even if you don't agree with him, because you don't have time to argue and he might need you to take a hit for the team so that the team can win even if it means you dying. The Vehicle Conservation Centre. They're got an entire Armoured Division of spare tanks in there, and they're the ones that might not be sexy for casual visitors like the Tiger or Panther, but we'd recognise a lot of them, like the Excelsior and one of the only two T14s ever built. 1. Whichever country gives it away for free. Except Kölsch. Kölsch is terrible even if it's free. 2. I'm going to go with The Netherlands. Famke Jannsen, Carice Van Houten... mmrrghnngh! Tallest women in the world too, fact fans! 3. Yeah, The Netherlands again. Sorry Germany, Czech Republic, but if it's any consolation you both tie for second place. The video editing easily takes up the majority of the time. Any given 15-20 minute video can take up to 6 hours to edit and get the commentary right, then render and upload. Longer still for a longer video. Mingles with Jingles can be a nightmare. 10 hours is my current record. I don't regularly watch any other YouTubers. I do spend a lot of time clicking on various links and just seeing where I end up. There is some seriously disturbing and funny stuff out there, particularly the Vines content. Tank academies are great. I give a lot of props to Sir Havoks' WOT Uni, anyone going out of their way to improve the standard of play of braindead shitters can't get enough praise from me, you can find his channel here. He pretty much does what you guys do except it's aimed at a more basic audience. https://www.youtube.com/user/SirHavocTV Raging at idiots might make you feel momentarily better but it isn't going to make them suddenly stop being idiots so it's largely counterproductive. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and that's why I continue to applaud the efforts of people like Sir Havok and the various WOT academies (and of course, your good selves here at WOT Labs) but it's a sad fact that some people are just too stupid to be taught anything and that's why you get E-100s with 32k battles and 400 WN8 rating. You can't teach them anything if they still suck after 32k games and they're immune to being raged at from constant exposure to it. All you're going to do is give yourself an ulcer so why waste the effort? Artillery is... well... it has issues. It's too RNG dependent to reward intelligent play the higher up the tech trees you go, and I really think WOT could learn a thing or two from the way Armored Warfare is doing it. I'm positive WOT are paying attention to AW, but they couldn't adopt the same style (less damage, more accuracy, higher ROF and more utility) without a MAJOR rework of all the different arty tech trees. 1. "I keep losing because my team is bad." Stat deniers will never improve until they stop denying their stats. I for one welcome our glorious new WOT Labs overlords! 2. To be honest I really don't know but you could do worse than finding a project that needs your help, and help. 3. Hands down, no contest, the Carrier Flight Deck Experience at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton. Utterly amazing. https://youtu.be/hiWMqGEMfiE 4. It's not really junk food but cheese. Mmmmm... cheese... 1. 10. 2. They take my YouTube Video Manager away from me when they drag my cold dead fingers off of it! 3. Because they're brain dead shitters. Also because people don't like to admit that anything that went wrong was their fault when there are 14 other people who can conveniently have the blame dumped on them. The first step is acknowledging that there's nothing you can do to make everyone else on your team suddenly stop sucking and start looking at what you can do - get better yourself. I did start to diversify quite a while ago when I started doing War Thunder videos. Unfortunately War Thunder largely sucks donkey balls these days, but I've moved into other games too, which is just as well for my sanity because I don't think I could handle just doing WOT and WOT alone. I'm not sure what I would do if WWII themed games lost their popularity because they're pretty much what interests me the most, but I can't see that ever being the case. If it did happen I guess that would be me done. Fogo de Chão, roger that!
  5. Any breakfast that doesn't involve my having to do anything more difficult than point at something and mumble "That please" is a good breakfast. And no it's not weird. I get that a lot. Like this! https://youtu.be/2q4ecXDwUM0 And I'm VERY much looking forward to the Chieftain and Action X. Wargaming better not screw them up! 1. Secret Gnomish magic. I can tell you more but I'd have to kill you. Well alright, it's just video editing software. Secret Gnomish video editing software. (Cyberlink Power Director) 2. Secret Gnomish magic again. I really don't know, sometimes I'm just sitting around in my pants and an idea pops into my head. "Wouldn't it be funny if..." You can get a lot of ideas from other YouTube videos, though. The "Why You Heff To Be Mad?" videos are just shameless rip-offs of the RNG series, for example. Except, of course, mine are better. 1. Boo actually belonged to an idiot friend who thought he'd look good as a fashion accessory. Sure enough she got bored with him after a few weeks when she realised he actually needed stuff like feeding and exercising and attention and so I ended up taking care of him. He's absolutely terrified of Ritas' cats. He's a lover, not a fighter. 2. Just about every one more than a year old, WoT has changed so much since most of them were done. 3. The VK4502(P) Ausf. B. If there's one of those things in front of me I just generally tend to go somewhere else. The number of APCR shots that I've managed to bounce of that things' lower glacis is just silly. 4. I'm looking forward to them, especially with regards to your next question. 5. Battleships badly need some love. I can deal with the HE spam that has you constantly on fire, I can deal with the inaccuracy of their main batteries at extreme ranges but when you've got a Cleveland at 4km and every shot you fire from your guns misses and you know that by the time you reload he's going to have reduced you to 10% health and there's no guarantee your next salvo is going to hit... well... something needs to be done. Yeah, I agree. Currently cruisers don't have anything higher than 8" guns and battleships start with 12" guns, which leaves the various different Naval 9", 10" and 11" guns mysteriously absent. So where do ships like, for example, the Scharnhorst sit? She had 11" guns, which were fairly standard German Naval guns at the time, but does that make her a cruiser or a battleship? Technically she was a battleship (depending on who you ask), but who's going to want to captain a battleship that has less powerful guns than the tier 3 USS South Carolina? Perhaps the solution is to introduce a new battlecruiser line in each tech tree? Or perhaps that's going to be the signature of the German BB line - less powerful guns but more accurate and faster firing? 1. I have a few guilty pleasures that aren't tank, ship or plane related. World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic. Really looking forward to Guild Wars: Heart of Thorns. 2. From week to week my schedule doesn't vary much. Monday to Friday, get up, check emails, watch replays, make videos. Saturday go out and do stuff, visit museums, eat out, watch a movie. Sunday sit around all day until I finally start doing Mingles with Jingles. Or sit around answering questions on WOTLabs until I finally start doing Mingles with Jingles. Actually this weeks' Mingles with Jingles is going to be easy, I can see a lot of cutting and pasting from here in my immediate future. Yeah, I probably wouldn't be so quick to be an arrogant, judgemental asshat in my videos when half the time it was me at fault and not my team. But as I said earlier, I'm not going to go back and remaster earlier videos because a) I'm too lazy b) that's who I was back then, no point in trying to hide it and c) Who wants to watch content from WoT patch 7.2 these days? I actually can't remember the last time I got teamkilled even by accident. The biggest issues are people on my team fangirling so hard they forget to do things like fight. And of course, all of that unwanted extra attention from the enemy team, but it's not as much of a problem as you may have been lead to believe. I really like the way Armored Warfare is progressing and even if you don't plan on playing it, you should like the way it's progressing too because Wargaming are watching it VERY carefully and will be making changes to WoT once they've seen what works in AW and what doesn't. It's a win/win situation for us. I have three spares!
  6. Well it's not quite that many but it's not far off. Anyway, how to make your email stand out from the crowd... Don't just send the replay in, upload it to somewhere like http://wotreplays.com/ and send me the link so I can at least get an idea of what I'm looking at without having to load up WOT. Give it a title, if your email is called "WOT replay" and the one next to it is called "10k dmg and Ace Tanker in M3 Lee", guess which one I'm going to look at. Try to give at least a brief description in the text of the email to give me some idea of what it is that makes your replay special. And most importantly, make sure the replay you send in does include something interesting or exciting or funny to watch. 1. Yes, I occasionally go back and watch some of my earlier videos and while some of them stand up to the test of time, a lot of them are just embarrassingly bad. I mean so bad I just cringe while watching them. I'm not going to mess around with them, though. They're who I was back then, also I'm too lazy/busy to re-record them. What I do plan on doing, however, is to revisit some of my earlier tank reviews because the game has changed so much since I originally did them. 2. I have to pay as much respect to copyright law as anyone else. 3. Almost certainly the best European Navy, yes. Tom Clancy once said in a TV interview when asked why he seemed to like the Royal Navy so much that while it was true that the Royal Navy didn't always have the best ships, aircraft or equipment that money could buy they always seemed to equal the performance of the US Navy, particularly with regards to the Submarine Service. He said that he could only put this down to the quality and training or our personnel, and while I'd have to take issue with him regarding the quality of some of our personnel I can't argue with his comments about the training. 4. Coffee! Because coffee! 5. Never actually had a problem with it. Good question, though, you'd think I would end up with a sore throat the amount I rabbit on all day, but nope. 1. I might have, I'm not actually sure. I suppose the names of the players would be a bit of a giveaway, but I don't usually notice which server a given match is played on unless it's obvious from watching the game. NA server matches are a dead giveaway, there's usually a lot of trash talking going on. 2. They blow up really nicely when someone who actually knows what they're doing in an Atago shoots at them. 3. NEVER! Well... how much?
  7. Hi, and you're welcome! I'm never going to stream on my own, sorry. I'm just not good enough at World of Tanks and I rage too much at idiot plays (both my own and my teams') to be entertaining, although there are certainly enough people who would tune in just to watch me rage, but I wouldn't enjoy it. I'm good enough to stream World of Warships, but then I run into the issue that I had with WoWs back when I was piggy-backing on other people's streams - people use the streams to target me and while you can deal with that in WOT by using cover and being good, there's not really anywhere to hide in WoWs when a Cleveland and both the enemy carriers are chasing you across the map and willing to die and/or lose every aircraft they have just get some hits on you. Plus, I just don't have the time required to stream regularly for hours at a time. Doing these videos takes up most of my day. Sorry. I think the current matchmaking is fine. I remember the days when you used to fight with a +3 MM spread, and it was even higher than that for most Heavies. There was no limit on the number of Arty in a match either, I could show you some screenshots of teamlists that would make you cry. I would recommend that players with less than 1000 battles don't get the current +2MM spread that everyone else gets at tier 4, however. Running into a T-150 or SU-100 in a stock Pz38na is as much fun as having teeth pulled without anaesthetic, and you learn about as much from it. Wake up. Stumble out of bed. Sit in front of the computer for fifteen minutes. Remember to turn the computer on. Stare at the monitor for another fifteen minutes. Remember to wash. Sit in front of the computer again. Start to read emails. Start to wake up. Drink lots of coffee. Begin checking replays... It's pretty much the same with Rita living here except now I have to make twice as much coffee. I try to spend at least three hours every day looking at replays. Not all of them are nearly as good as the people who sent them in think they are, and some of the ones that are good are just not entertaining to watch. Artillery replays, for example, regardless of the score or damage done are just not exciting unless the player does something crazy, usually in shotgun mode. Tank destroyer replays can be like this too. Thanks for sending your replay in, by the way, the derp teamkill from the T49 actually made me laugh out loud. 1. A chicken curry at the Seamans' Mission at Jebel Ali. My first and best curry. It took four pints of lager to kill it. 2. The Greeks and Turks might not do the most varied cuisine but you know you're going to enjoy just about everything on their menus even if you don't know what it's going to be. 3. Favourite arty line? The one with Bert the Avenger in it, obviously! 4. They disturb me and arouse me at the same time. Be yourself. People can tell when you're faking it, and do whatever it is you're best at. Not everyone's great at driving tanks but they can talk a good fight. A lot like someone not a million miles away from here... All. The. Time. It's difficult not to rage when your top tier tanks are either AFK or camping behind the Tank Destroyers, you're losing 12-2 and you're the only one who's killed anything while propping up a flank alone and your team are calling you a noob for not following the lemming train. This is one of the major reasons why I don't stream, because I'd start chewing my keyboard if I had to press on for another three hours in those sort of circumstances. No, when the game starts telling me "Take a break, noob", I take a break. Combined with my Navy pension (which isn't bad after 22 years service) the income from YouTube was enough for me to make YouTube my full-time job relatively early on. And it IS full time. I work harder now than I ever did when I wasn't "retired". I don't mind them now that there's a limit on the number of arty involved, it just gives you something else to consider while playing. I had a tier 10 game waaay back with 12 artillery on each team and while I was in an E-100. You can guess how much fun that was, even for the artillery players. I think that in general artillery is just not where it should be. You either do far too little damage or far too much, it's so reliant on RNG that I just don't understand how even artillery players can enjoy it. Get yourself in the perfect position, line up the perfect shot on a huge cluster of enemy tanks and your shot either misses, bounces, does nothing but blow off their tracks, does minimal damage or one-shots someone. It's needs to do more to reward good play and that means scale down the damage and scale up the accuracy. Stop playing. Stop doing anything that makes you angry. Failing that, look at why it's making you angry and do something about it. Are you getting angry because you never seem to do any damage and you always seem to be the first one killed? You can do something about that, and you're in the right place here to find out how. I don't play it as much as I'd like, I'm just too busy with work and Elite is one of those games that you can't just play for half an hour. It's an astonishingly good game, however, and the next time I take a "holiday" I'll probably spend a few days playing it. Pictures from the Essex would be great, and you're welcome. I'm crap so you don't have to be!
  8. 1. Viktor Kislyi actually said this himself and I agree with him, there needs to be a way to play WOT that requires more of a commitment than a Random Battle but not as much as Clan Wars. Stuff like new game modes, Historical Battles, Strongholds, etc, these are all Wargaming trying to find that middle ground. I think Historical Battles are the way to go, but not necessarily in a PVP setting. No-one wants to play the Panzer III when you could be in a Tiger or Panther and the other side have T-34-85s, but if your team was playing in a Historical setting against AI, that might be different. Wargaming are probably watching Armored Warfares' PVE mode with great interest right now, because their CEO himself thinks Historical Battles with AI is the way ahead. 2. Introducing new tanks is starting to be a problem because they've covered all the major players and are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. There's scope for a European tech tree, and possibly even a Czech or Swedish standalone tech tree, but after that they're really going to start struggling. 3. Getting new players is simple enough, keeping them is another matter. For your first few hours in WOT you can drive around shooting at random stuff, progress and have fun. As soon as you reach tier 4, which doesn't take long at all, you run into a brick wall. Your stock M3 Lee is now going up against T-34-85s, SU-100s, T-150s, VK3601s... It kills your interest almost as quickly as it kills your tank. I really think they need to look at the lower tier matchmaking for players with less than 1000 battles and restrict it to no more than +1 tier to give them a chance to learn without being punished for being new by constantly getting one-shotted by 122m guns as soon as they reach tier 4. Well with my Navy pension as well it was pretty early on. At around 5000 subscribers I was making enough to be able to stop looking for a job and concentrate on doing videos. Without the pension I think it would probably have been around the 15-20,000 subscriber mark. The Cleveland. Like the St. Louis it's made out of guns but unlike the Atlanta the guns have a decent range and fair AP performance and unlike the St. Louis it's fast and agile. Oh, and it also has phenomenal AA firepower. If it just had torpedos it would be perfect. 1. Sorry, I know very little about Clan Wars. 2. You all scared me. 3. Yeah, he is. In any field of competition you tend to find (not always, but it is a trend) that the very best competitors are not the nicest people. That's just the nature of being competitive. Of course it's possible to be good at something without being an asshat about it, and Quickybaby is a perfect example. He gets a lot of flak for having a fake manner, no-one believes he can possibly be as nice and calm as he seems AND be as good at WOT as he is, and I can see how people would get that impression. However, I can assure you that he absolutely is exactly like that in Real Life too. And yes, I was as surprised as you probably are.
  9. Howdy, folks. I guess you all pretty much know me so introductions probably aren't necessary. Considering where we are I'm reasonably confident that the questions aren't likely to be "Jingles, what's the best way to drive a T-62A?" so I'm a little curious as to what kind of questions I'm going to get, but there's only one way to find out so let the AMA begin! See this post for update details. - Solono
  10. YAY ITS JINGLES!!!!!!!!!! Jangles is love Jangles is life!

  11. Are u excited about the Bismarck in WoWs? How are you gonna celebrate its introduction? :drunk:

  12. prepare to be hugged to death jingles


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  13. Jingles, in your mind what is your primary focus in making youtube videos? i.e is it educating pubbies on basic WoT mechanics and encouraging them to get better or is it providing entertainment that can be universally enjoyed?

    P.S. Although I do not find your game play videos of WoT to be especially enlightening, I do find your World of Warships content to be particularly insightful and your inclusion of official Naval jargon with your explanation of tactics such as "crossing the T" make for an excellent program to watch. I think you have found your niche!

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      You know he's gonna make an AMA thread... right?

  14. People will calm down. Everyones excited about you doing this AMA, especially since it provides Labs with an opportunity to present itself anew and get rid of some prejudice. Well hopefully.

    Anyways welcome Jingles and enjoy your stay.

    Having been with the navy do you miss the sea like a pirate captain from the movies or was it just a job that is over now?

    1. Nehkcist


      Damn just wanted to add to the other status thingy. Need to ask the kids how modern internet forums work. *sigh*

    2. TheMightyJingles


      I do miss it, but at the time I retired I was definitely "getting too old for this shit".  It's a young mans' game.

    3. Nehkcist


      Seeing how I need 3 full days to recover from a hangover ever since I turned 30 and all those little pains just never seem to really fade away I sure can relate to the "too old for this shit" part.
      A career as an internet celeb probalby doesn't come with much physical hardship, smart choice there. I will keep it in mind for my retirement plans :)


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