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  1. Oh and by the way, if your question didn't get answered here I'll make an effort to do it in tomorrows' Mingles with Jingles providing I think I can make an entertaining or informative answer to it. Thanks again for enduring me for the past four hours!
  2. 1. Possibly, but likely not anywhere other than the SEA server. GuP has its fans but it's not that well known anywhere outside of Asia and there's that stigma associated with anime in the West that almost certainly means WOT EU or NA are never going to risk polarising their audience by associating the game with it. 2. Mingles with Jingles because the audience demanded it. WYHTBM because I wanted to do a video that wouldn't require me to talk rubbish for half an hour and it seemed like it would be easy (it wasn't), and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly because it just seemed like the combinati
  3. Doing YouTube replay videos is easier but going to museums is more fun. 1. I have never owned a car. I don't even have a driving license, Yeah, I know. I suck. 2. More bacon! 3. Cyberlink Power Director, because it's was cheap, simple to use and had pretty powerful features. Now if it would just stop crashing all the time... I do sometimes find myself watching a game and thinking "That would be a perfect example for explaining game mechanic x to an audience" and them promptly forgetting about it. I really need a minion to sit behind me taking notes all day while I'm watching replays.
  4. Well I'm no longer in a clan and the last time I played a CW match was about three years ago so take what I have to say here with a pinch of salt, but in my experience training is important if you want to be good at anything. If you're going to do well in anything team related you need to put a lot of time in training with your teammates so you know what your team is going to do in any given situation without having to ask or be told because you've been in that situation with them so many times before. That's why the military train all the time when they're not fighting or doing maintenance,
  5. Any breakfast that doesn't involve my having to do anything more difficult than point at something and mumble "That please" is a good breakfast. And no it's not weird. I get that a lot. Like this! https://youtu.be/2q4ecXDwUM0 And I'm VERY much looking forward to the Chieftain and Action X. Wargaming better not screw them up! 1. Secret Gnomish magic. I can tell you more but I'd have to kill you. Well alright, it's just video editing software. Secret Gnomish video editing software. (Cyberlink Power Director) 2. Secret Gnomish magic again. I really don't know, sometimes I'm just sitt
  6. Well it's not quite that many but it's not far off. Anyway, how to make your email stand out from the crowd... Don't just send the replay in, upload it to somewhere like http://wotreplays.com/ and send me the link so I can at least get an idea of what I'm looking at without having to load up WOT. Give it a title, if your email is called "WOT replay" and the one next to it is called "10k dmg and Ace Tanker in M3 Lee", guess which one I'm going to look at. Try to give at least a brief description in the text of the email to give me some idea of what it is that makes your replay special. And
  7. Hi, and you're welcome! I'm never going to stream on my own, sorry. I'm just not good enough at World of Tanks and I rage too much at idiot plays (both my own and my teams') to be entertaining, although there are certainly enough people who would tune in just to watch me rage, but I wouldn't enjoy it. I'm good enough to stream World of Warships, but then I run into the issue that I had with WoWs back when I was piggy-backing on other people's streams - people use the streams to target me and while you can deal with that in WOT by using cover and being good, there's not really anywhere to hid
  8. 1. Viktor Kislyi actually said this himself and I agree with him, there needs to be a way to play WOT that requires more of a commitment than a Random Battle but not as much as Clan Wars. Stuff like new game modes, Historical Battles, Strongholds, etc, these are all Wargaming trying to find that middle ground. I think Historical Battles are the way to go, but not necessarily in a PVP setting. No-one wants to play the Panzer III when you could be in a Tiger or Panther and the other side have T-34-85s, but if your team was playing in a Historical setting against AI, that might be different.
  9. Howdy, folks. I guess you all pretty much know me so introductions probably aren't necessary. Considering where we are I'm reasonably confident that the questions aren't likely to be "Jingles, what's the best way to drive a T-62A?" so I'm a little curious as to what kind of questions I'm going to get, but there's only one way to find out so let the AMA begin! See this post for update details. - Solono
  10. YAY ITS JINGLES!!!!!!!!!! Jangles is love Jangles is life!

  11. Are u excited about the Bismarck in WoWs? How are you gonna celebrate its introduction? :drunk:

  12. prepare to be hugged to death jingles


    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger


      *seductively whispers "i herd u liek mudkips"*

    2. TheMostComfortableTanker
  13. Jingles, in your mind what is your primary focus in making youtube videos? i.e is it educating pubbies on basic WoT mechanics and encouraging them to get better or is it providing entertainment that can be universally enjoyed?

    P.S. Although I do not find your game play videos of WoT to be especially enlightening, I do find your World of Warships content to be particularly insightful and your inclusion of official Naval jargon with your explanation of tactics such as "crossing the T" make for an excellent program to watch. I think you have found your niche!

    1. hallo1994


      You know he's gonna make an AMA thread... right?

  14. People will calm down. Everyones excited about you doing this AMA, especially since it provides Labs with an opportunity to present itself anew and get rid of some prejudice. Well hopefully.

    Anyways welcome Jingles and enjoy your stay.

    Having been with the navy do you miss the sea like a pirate captain from the movies or was it just a job that is over now?

    1. Nehkcist


      Damn just wanted to add to the other status thingy. Need to ask the kids how modern internet forums work. *sigh*

    2. TheMightyJingles


      I do miss it, but at the time I retired I was definitely "getting too old for this shit".  It's a young mans' game.

    3. Nehkcist


      Seeing how I need 3 full days to recover from a hangover ever since I turned 30 and all those little pains just never seem to really fade away I sure can relate to the "too old for this shit" part.
      A career as an internet celeb probalby doesn't come with much physical hardship, smart choice there. I will keep it in mind for my retirement plans :)


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