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  1. I don't know of any other good tricks aside from @BlackAdder's suggestion to help you see what your issue is. Could see if you go to the NA or RU website and see if they behave the same way, maybe.
  2. Does this occur with every site or just the WoT site? Is this a laptop or desktop? Could you take it somewhere else to see if it comes out the same? It looks like it didn't load properly, is your work internet really slow?
  3. As of now, M--M/M-I-T is not dead. Still active and still kicking.
  4. Shire, M-I-T, and I think W-Uni (I am not entirely sure that they are still active). All are good, although I am personally preferential to M-I-T since that is M--M's training clan.
  5. As of right now, we are looking for just general and occasional SH training for our clan as a whole as a way to keep improving their skills and stats. We might branch out into CW later on but for right now, that is not our focus.
  6. M--M is looking for some people to use as a trainer for doing training sessions. We are looking to train M--M guys as a way to keep improving those already in M--M. I think we are looking for purple /teal level players that are interested. I will answer questions as they come.
  7. I don't know, always considered it more dependent on the body. You get a real skinny girl with D or larger, that just looked off to me and painfully top heavy. Of course my GF has boobs smaller than mine so there is that.
  8. Welcome to the asylum. Upvotes have been applied.
  9. Question: Why are you using a Xeon Processor? Those are normally for servers and not for desktops.
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/3213584#stats

    This was fun, T-44-100 is a very nice tank. 10/10 would buy again.

  11. I don't think that theMarine has killed anyone but I think he is fully capable of doing so.
  12. Warning heard, walls are being reinforced and windows & doors are being barricade as we speak. All hatches buttoned to withstand Hurricane Galleri.
  13. Well then call me a meathead from now on. I like flipping tires, especially tractor tires, those are really fun to flip.
  14. Ya, that or they are really close since the armor profile isn't that good on it for close quarters brawling.
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