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    ADeadMan1 reacted to DHP in   
    FYI: i find your voice really low. 
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Fulcrous in Back from vacation, havent touched the game WOT in over a week... first time I never   
    Nah. Why be with WG when you can play PUBG?

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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Spartan96 in rip discord   
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Siimcy in Tomorrow max rank is get   
    That anus
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to CraBeatOff in Is wotlabs chat gone?   
    Yes, patched out of the forum software. There is now a discord
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Fulvin in I've been playing wot every month once for couple of battles for pretty much a year.   
    lets hope WG goes down and releases wot code so an unofficial server can be set up with blackjack and hookers with no arty 
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Fulcrous in Good job AMD, Intel brought big guns because of you. Customer win-win situation. Brin   
    you probably wont buy i9 for gaming at all
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Whole_Nutmeg in Done. Uninstalled   
    see you in a month  
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to KruggWulf in Y'all wanna hear the elusive schnitzelsuccess story? that girl I was going to Germany   
    @Spartan96 @SchnitzelTruck You two should come to Texas, I'm sure we'd have lots of fun~ qties <3
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to SchnitzelTruck in This older woman I'm going to Germany for a month with in a week and who I've been ha   
    @MAJEST1C Idk how this has happened. Quite the turn of events
    14 yrs of emotional insanity and suddenly as soon as I'm medicated I'm surrounded by women. Half of them think I'm gay tho... I always get girly drinks maybe that's it lol
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Do you guys think I should pull the trigger on the T54E1? Is it a decent autoloader?   
    I enjoyed it when I played it 2 years ago, however you're really gonna feel how horrific the AP and APCR pen is with all these high armor tanks running around now.
    You wont find any tier9 better at dumping high damage quickly. But now with the shit pen and all these brick tanks combined with its shit acc/aim time, ehhhh. Idk.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Assassin7 in Looking to pick up a mid-tier French LT. Sold the Bat 12 and was thinking 13 75 but @   
    Bat 12T is shit, Schniztel is just a shit tank connesiour so yeah.
    (I totally spelled that wrong)
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to EndlessAgony in I haven't wanted to play WoT for almost a week now. Am I free...?   
    Maybe now that you have interesting stuff to do, but the moment you are bored, you will remember tonks, tell yourself 'why not? a couple matches will not kill anyone right?' and then couple matches turn into 'couple' months.
    The cycle is unbreakable.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Siimcy in   
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Archaic_One in tfw everyone you know has a job and you don't even fucking siimcy has a job SIIMCY   
    Jobs are over rated.  Its all a lie, the house, the yard, the car, all the shit, trading away 80 hours a week of your life to afford to have as much shit as your neighbors - its just a giant scam.  Don't fall for it
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to H4NI in Should i go with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or should i go with something of the simi   
    Get Iphone, bitches in cro love iphones.  If you care about performance and not social status go with OnePlus 3/3T
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Fulcrous in So apparently my tax return was denied, because someone already filed under my social   
    People who commit identity theft are among the lowest of the low.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Grister in Anyone know if that frontline mode will have arty?   
    Arty is present in the current tests.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Wewum in Done arguing with sh*tter pubbies that are sub 50% win rate, sub 1.2k wn8 on WoT foru   
    sub 1.2k wn8? that's a high standard
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to saru_richard in Just saw this ad here on wotlabs   
    well... what can possibly go wrong
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to TheMarine0341 in Ive wrestled most of my life. Ive done MMA, BJJ, Judo, Shoto-Kan, football, and the M   
    @1n_Soviet_Russia he's growing up way too smart, and way too quickly. He's over 3ft tall, 35lbs and will be just 2 this coming saturday
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in Ive wrestled most of my life. Ive done MMA, BJJ, Judo, Shoto-Kan, football, and the M   
    I am convinced the best way of getting karma on this forum is having a kid... 
    On other notes, how is he growing up?
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Errants in My main goal in life is to not be an asshole to a dick   
    So, you're trying not to get fucked anally?
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Assassin7 in People weren't lying, he's actually back   
    He had about 50 million chances for what I know. It went as far as the mods having to approve any and every post he made before they would show up. 
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