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    ADeadMan1 reacted to capt-jay in Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)   
    found out friend has been diagnosed with MDS and is going to need nearly $250k to cover expenses not covered by insurance, so I am afraid I am going to have to curtail my donations and funnel that cash to him...
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Daerlon in Memorial Day discounts, anything worth buying?   
    Correction. T71 is now the best T7 tech tree medium tank.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Memorial Day discounts, anything worth buying?   
    AMX 13 57GF is king
    then T71
    then Type 62
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Daerlon in Memorial Day discounts, anything worth buying?   
    T71 is now the best tier 7 medium tank. Buy it.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Psycodiver in And now Jingles is gone   
    I can only imagine the conversation between WGEU and WGNA is going to be like today
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to RollerCoaster47 in And now Jingles is gone   
    WGNA are a bunch of retarded faggots. Just when the drama was about to be over they go full autism mode. You can't even mention anything about the drama on the WoT NA forums or else the mods will delete your thread within minutes and give you forum bans. They truly are the stupidest gaming company alive. If WG actually goes after Foch and this goes to court somehow I would personally donate money to Foch's case.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to CarbonWard in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Poke the bear, surprised when bear bites back.
    Accuse WG of being dirty fucking money grabbing pieces of shits, surprised when WG does exactly what a money grabbing piece of shit does and DMCA strikes you.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to jsgx3 in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Another in a disturbing line of questionable prem tank released.
    Relatively well known personality goes max negative (saying what we all think).
    Company terminates an agreement with said contributor (and threatens questionable further action they can't really back up).
    Contributor caves because ass pain, and perhaps to stay in good graces to some extent.
    Company direction further exposed, we all know it's circling the drain.
    Trust further eroded by one of the worst video game/developer PR departments in the industry.
    So really, business as usual with these people.
    Fantastic game driven into the ground through hubris and incompetence.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Ezz in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Disintegrating strikes me as being slightly overstating the state of affairs for WG. In fact my worry about their new approach is that i suspect all this new premium crap that is being dumped into the game has probably seen their revenue increase.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Solono in Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)   
    Appreciate, in other news they want me to get a specific SSA-appointed doctor to look at me, so more prodding for fun.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to SchnitzelTruck in VILIN - Where Recruiting Is Always A Thing...   
    But is it hard or soft wood
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to DirtyACE7 in Unexpected Stun mechanic   
    You ask for a couch and you get a lamp that electrocutes you every so often.
    I love you WG.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Assassin7 in post your favorite guns   
    Woo New Zealand
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to H4NI in Browser fail   
    WTF, i'm not going to run Ubunto to acces the wot forums Why does it matter koja firma je
    The connection is fine, everything opens normally..It happens only on WoT site + forum and on speedtest. I've cleaned the cache and all data, it didnt work as it should, then suddenly it was working  until i've refreshed the website, now is all back to the shit it was before... kewl :/
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to BlackAdder in Browser fail   
    Because some companies (i could name few) have their own VPNs with lots of ristrction. Ubuntu is only to eliminate VPN / Windows problem, if there is any...
    Pristupas priko njihove mreze? Svasta san vidio da korporacije blokiraju od DNSa pa do VPNa...
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to BlackAdder in Browser fail   
    Maybe some content blcoker, that's why I suggested ubuntu as temp OS to check at least Windows configuration.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Valachio in Anyone work in real estate?   
    I'm applying for a real license in Ontario, Canada.  Any there any real estate unicums around here?  Maybe you're looking to take in a newbie to bring your morning coffee or something.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to VTSplinter in Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)   
    I wasn't aware of Solono's situation before I just ran across this thread. I added a monthly subscription on Patreon for him. Best wishes Solono.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Matross in Minion Institute of Tankology [M-I-T] is Enrolling!   
    I wish, 1/2 the people on my teams I played with were signing up with M-I-T today.
    1) To the FV4202, my batchat does not have any armor. The Waffle 4, will derp me for 750 alpha, and I have 438 HP left, you have more than 800, please push ahead and spot. I will flank him for you, and we can cap to win this match together (no, he doesn't, waffle 4 comes over the hill with a skorpion G, kills me first, then kills the FV4202).

    2) To the T32, you have full HP, and I have 400 some HP. Please move up, and draw a shot, so I can dump 4 of my shells into the enemy for you. I will try to track with the first shot, so you have a chance to hit him too (he doesn't, we lose out on 2 other tanks to shoot at, I had to run from that spot, fox hole was going to get too hot for the both of us).

    3) To the T34/T32's when I was playing my IS7, yes, my tank is glorious, yes, it has a an impenetrable turret, however, I am 1 tank, I cannot push this flank alone. Please, keep up with me, and STOP CAMPING IN THE BACK (I charged anyway, I killed everything in front of me, The T32's and the T34 did pretty much nothing, and got no damges in, I carried).

    All of the people above... they need a some training. Please report to M-I-T training on Monday's ASAP.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to Shifty_101st in How to play jagdtiger 8.8 in the current state of the game?   
    I don't see that many JT88's anymore because they don't fit that well in the game these days.
    Most premiums you'll run into now such as the Skorpion, Defender/252u, Patriot/E5, M4 49, STRV S1 will just slaughter that thing.  Only tanks that won't manhandle it are other tier 8 pref MM tanks such as the IS6, 112, T343, etc. but that only applies at range.
    Personally I'd leave that tank alone for now.  The JT88 was never really amazing to begin with but now it is basically obsolete.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to kOfTa in Minion Institute of Tankology [M-I-T] is Enrolling!   
    My teamspeak doesn't seem to like your server address. I think it's the double dash. When I take out the second dash my connect button is no longer greyed, but of course that's the wrong address!
    Edit: Submitted an application. Also figured out the TS thing, but I'm all alone in here D:
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to SchnitzelTruck in New arty system deadlier than ever?   
    My Sheridan was direct hit by a batchat58 3x and I was still alive.
    update: amx13 105 direct hit by obj261 for 312 damage,
    deadlier than ever? Don't make me laugh
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to SaintLaurentius in The return of Garbad?   
    And moderator/referee for this section should be THEUNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA.
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    ADeadMan1 reacted to dualmaster333 in The return of Garbad?   
    Please, for everyone's enjoyment, have a special subforum where the only two posters are Garbad and adztownstrike. 
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