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  1. 112 is really good, shitty gun stats aren't a big problem when the armor profile carries the tank hard.
  2. minsk and fish bay. haven't been a fan of minsk since it was introduced, even though it might not be the worst now, and fish bay has been terrible since 1.0. other opinions: paris is pretty decent, pilsen/studzianki/kharkov are solid ban candidates, if it was easier to reset cap on empire's border then empire's border would be a solid (not great but not terrible) map
  3. e75 ts is super insane, I recommend. 

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    2. lavawing


      tbh the 274a is pretty much better in most ways - it cant sidescrape and has less gundep and HP to work with - but also doesnt get lolpenned by tier 9 gold, can play vision games, and isn't the size of a small skyscraper

      btw shd I get the Lorraine or wait for the Somua SM?

    3. PityFool


      @lavawing Somua is a much better option. Worth the wait. 


    4. CandyVanMan


      8 hours ago, lavawing said:

      tbh the 274a is pretty much better in most ways

      This should be true, but for some reason I hate the 274a and love the E75 TS.
      Can't quantify what causes my completely different gameplay experience in those two tanks.

  4. after not playing for a couple months, I decided to try 3 marking this tank, as it is a great meme and I figured it would be a lot more fun than my struggles at tier 10. Winrate was at 70% but I had one session near the end at like 30% which I was unable to recover from. At 100 games I was at like 92%, but it took longer than it should've because I kept being dumb. Also the reqs are (apparently) like 3k, which seemed high, especially when you fight (sometimes) tier 5s with no hp. Also I frequently ran out of ammo.
  5. e100 big gun is still better after small gun buffs arty stun > getting oneshot m48 was legit op after the turret buff for a bit (it isn't now) old stb > new stb
  6. assault on because it can be interesting + siegfried especially can lead to good games (though it's a pity that they removed sand river assault during 1.0), encounter off because prok/mines fastcaps get old quick
  7. I skipped the t8/t9 but I think general consensus is that they're a lot better tier for tier, with the tier 9 being the best. ST2 produces a good meme once in a while but otherwise is thoroughly mediocre.
  8. flare_phoenix


    this tank blows but it's fun double shooting people, but the tank blows
  9. I kinda wish Feli streamed more, he's pretty infrequent compared to the rest of your list. Only other person I'd add would be lop (twitch.tv/lop_), he's not too bad.
  10. I remember really admiring that Ben Franklin quote until I got older and realized it was stupid lol. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I'd rather overreact than underreact. Corona itself has mainly manifested in affecting school - break's been extended a week and I assume we'll solely be doing online classes for a good while. Otherwise I'm not that concerned for myself, but moreso for my parents. America's response has been pretty half-assed, and the whole unavailability of testing for the illness feels like a big red flag. I've heard many anecdotal horror stories about people who think
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