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  1. Unless I'm missing something painfully obvious the VK always had 334 heat, same as E100. iirc 705a has around 317 heat. This tank looks interesting enough with the alpha/depression but I'll need to know more about the armor profile & how slow it is with those terrain resistances to render judgment on it.
  2. Nice clan tag :^) @SoliDeoGloria None of the above, except sometimes the second.
  3. Reinstalled the game, will probably play some. I played a couple hundred games during end of beta/shortly after beta so I'm unfamiliar with basically any developments after that. I have a Mogami/Nagato/Pensacola for highish tiers. Ingame is flare_phonics.
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  4. iirc they were going to change it to 150/100, same as KT, but after patch it was still 150/120. I do remember a lfp nerf in the patch notes but I assume they reverted that change because the tank was...not stellar.
  5. Nope, the lfp now is the same as it used to be. It went from 120 upper/120 lower to 150 upper/120 lower.
  6. Until rank 15 I played 90% S conq, 10% 5a. Since then I've branched out more into tanks I prefer playing (read: STB, which obviously isn't that great of a choice for someone who cares about getting ranks). @dualmaster333 is right that Type 5 and VK72 are fairly strong - when the people you're trading with are more likely to pen you than not it helps having hp and alpha to work with. In addition the concept of just holding a position is very important in ranked and in that case the alpha serves as a deterrent.
  7. I've gotten Steppes a couple times and a notable change I've observed there is the addition of raised areas with bushes/trees at each end of the 9-0 for TDs (I assume). The north in particular was also changed a bit, elevation between the low road and the rest of the flank was decreased and you can play additional angles there against people trying to push low. I'll get some screenshots if I get the map again.
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