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  1. So I'm a "decent" player who hasn't had great luck with clans. My first clan, KIMBO, would up disbanding due to internal politics, and my last clan, NAG, promised constant improvement and competitive battles but stagnated in a similar manner. I really just want a place where I can log onto the TS and it's full of skilled people who have a good time playing the game. If there is a clan out there that would take in someone with minor calling experience and a wide variety of tanks, then send a PM and I'd love to hop on and play some games with ya. WL signature placed below for reference.
  2. WoT used to be my single most-played game up until October of last year when Armored Warfare came out. I basically switched all my focus to the new title and was so happy about with a lot of the new systems that I didn't think I'd ever go back to WoT. However, lengthy PVP matchmaking cues and a pretty ridiculous credit drought have taken a toll on my excitement and I now find myself installing the newest client from WG after not so much as opening the launcher for five months. I really like the historic setting better than the modern one, and I'm such a WWII nerd that I guess the return was inevitable, especially now with the new patch I've been reading about on the subreddit. My question to the community is this: What's been going on since I left? I know that the new physics engine is hear and apparently there are new tank lines, but I have no idea how the meta has shifted (if at all) or what new tanks are worth going for. If anyone could give a summary of what's happened since the Japanese heavies, that would be greatly appreciated Looking forward to once again seeing y'all out there on the battlefield. P.S. - Please tell me they finally removed the waffle.
  3. The WT was my first tier ten, and I actually hate it for all of the above reasons. You are NOT versatile at all, and once you dump that insane damage you better have a damn good escape plan because you'll be reloading for the next minute. Every game in that thing is wait around at the back of the map, shoot stuff for a few seconds, hide for what seems like an eternity as the entire game dynamic changes, reposition and repeat. It's not fun to fight in or against imo and I couldn't be happier it's getting replaced. As a side note: I hope the Waffle's replacement is a speedy, stealthy beast with NO armor at all so that it actually fit in with the rest of the tech tree. My 100% camo crew looks pretty stupid sitting in the thing with the worst camo in the game ._.
  4. Sorry, I just saw that it was literally the second font option and I couldn't help myself. I'll go into the timeout corner now...
  5. Hello hello, looking to get involved in the forums and hopefully improve my play as a result! Usually lurking in my clan's TS, but I'm always happy to platoon up whether it's to learn, teach, or just for a good time. That's about all, so I'll see y'all on the battlefield. o7 o7 o7
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