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  1. ♫ Weed 666, 420 blazeitbitch ♫

  2. Thank you and I would advise communicating with Tomasz also.
  3. Ectar, are you aware of the forum issue that affects a percentage of the player base of both NA and EU where performing any action logs the user out? This started when the software for all Wargaming forums was updated at the same time as the WoT 9.0 patch. I got a long story regarding this that you might find interesting if you are not already aware of it...
  4. ♫ When the only winning move is not to play ♫

  5. Blunt as a ten pound sledgehammer...

  6. You are a terrible terrible awful person Mr. Sauce.
  7. Mr. Smiles wins by default, since he was the only person who provided evidence.
  8. I have a Super Hornet F7C-M with LTI for sale. Please contact me via PM or Skype if interested. SOLD
  9. MesoTroniK


    Life is cruel, then you die...
  10. That picture, wtf...

    1. TheMostComfortableTanker


      damned guberments keepen meso down

      fite tha powa m8

  11. Tell me... if there was a fan. And an enormous pile of shit. In your opinion, would said pile have moved closer to said fan?

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    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      But does it swallow?

    3. MesoTroniK


      Recently it has most assuredly creeped closer...

    4. TheMostComfortableTanker


      So you're going to post in old comments so I don't have to?

  12. Why is everyone watching me? There is nothing to see here, and pay no mind to the many weapons pointed directly at your brain, they are here for your protection...

  13. Holy crap Kewei, should have let me handle it...
  14. I got a wise idea...

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