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  1. I am not a good enough caller to teach anyone for a price but i recommend that you should practice in places like strongholds with your clan.... use common sence and tactics that are easily relayed if you are starting off. watch clan wars video's or even just watch what other callers use against you. it takes time this way but its relatively fun at the same time. keep your calls simple at first and use map awareness along with focus fire (something you can assign to someone else if you are not in a good position to see the main push. hopefully you can use these tips to help you i wish you the
  2. You are welcome in -PVP- we do tier 6 cw (but plan to move up when we get enough people) we also compete in team battles and strongholds every day. we are a dice subclan and would love for you to join.
  3. that screenshot was taken so out of context it is not even funny how about u keep to yourself and let people that were actually in the clan at the time deal with it! all you have heard is all of shakes little rumors and your nothing that his 15 year old possy
  4. ya know shakes. you are one sad sad little man #1 derp never stole gold he was HACKED why the heck would all of his tanks be sold and all credits gone not only that i saw the tickets he sent to wargaming and they said they wont return it. Derp and to start his entire account from 0 creds and no tanks.. and you wanna know why we bailed from snoo because there was no leader and we couldn't win 1 CW battle with you and ultra's horrible e100 strats! and now all you do is sit there all smug trying to make his life a living hell... you destroy everything you touch starting from snoo, i thought you
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