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  1. what ya got? I have the Kt and the T150 and a Leo Lt ATM, just sold the Kv1 today
  2. Love my KT, the stock grind is the easiest so far in my limited number of games played. I had a game where I have 4.5k dmg while using the long 88 and just laugh at T29, IS bouncing all over me. That was still the highest dmg game I've had in my KT and only 50 lower than my record which was scored in the Tiger. maybe it is because I play in the SEA severs so no one have try and shoot my turret top so I CAN abuse my armor to some extent. I ate IS3, 6, KV4 for breakfast and maybe struggle with T34 when they're hull down. All in all solid tank but it relies on the driver and the MM alot.
  3. maybe it ís due to the bug that causes the game to crashed every 4-5 games? You win some you lose some
  4. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I hope to learn much from the forum and will shut up for most of the time. Hope to see you all on the battle field
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