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  1. I've tried repeatedly to hit the citadels on the Cleaveland's Ammo Racks to no avail. Even loaded up a training room to test, so I wasn't sure if that was something all cruisers share or it was just Cleaveland-specific. I've had what seems to be citadel hits on Atago and Myoko magazines, but since I play with a lot of desync ( I am from a small 3rd world country in the middle of the indian ocean ), I've always assumed that these hits were actually boiler room citadels.
  2. Which cruisers (if there are any) have citadel hitboxes for the magazines under their guns?
  3. Playing tonks and ships with 3rd World Internet is so painful at times.

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      Hello neighbour, I'm on that small island a few hundred of kilometers to your East. Not the french one, no! (it used to be French I guess).

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      Germany says Hi! :unicum:

    4. Eural
  4. So I played one ranked battle where everyone sailed together and pushed the relevant cap points. I had trouble believing this was an actual pub and not a premade team as a whole, the coordination being out of what I'm used to. I ended up getting confederate and high caliber killing cruisers and BBs thanks to the cruisers and DDs on my team understanding that DDs are the n.1 threat in Ranked. After that I had my second game where I barely did damage because the Pensacola on my team lost 90 percent of its health in the first minutes, went "wtf", and our entire team was too afraid to contest the
  5. Did I just Is it me or did I see a sextuple torp mount on those USSR DDs?
  6. That lead indicator doesn't teach you how to angle nor map awareness nor how to shoot someone that's turning around. Afaik it's only effective against people going in straight lines... So it shouldn't be that big of a problem for me! Still not sure wherever I should be laughing or feeling sad that this will bring in a new level of hax accusations and silliness, also people removing an actual skill and fun that makes WoWs so enjoyable and different from WoT's point and click.
  7. I used to be a 45%! Then it's been going up slowly.
  8. The Pensas can be also deleted by Myokos from max range with a single AP salvo. It's mostly the part of Cleves being better at anti-DD duty and having better survivability / more scaling with the AA consumabe (IIRC) that makes the Tier VI cruiser more desirable than the Pensa. On the other side, the Myoko is everything you'd want of a cruiser at tier VII and it's not like its AA is bad, so in the end that leaves the field dominated by Nagatos, Myokos and Hiryuus. ( or can the ranger actually hold a candle to the Hiryuu's configs? Every single Ranger I've seen so far got shit on by Hiryuus sinc
  9. I suspect that you'll need a certain profile level to be able to participate in clam wars, or even, make up / join a clam. Edit: Who knows, if WG is smart they might even make the Personal Missions scale with your profile level, with higher difficulties but more rewarding ones beginning to appear as you get higher Profile Levels?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the Slot 5 Vision upgrade is indeed for increased Draw Range. It's kinda retarded because ships with shorter draw range tend to be the shorter; smaller ships... in other words Cruisers and Destroyers. They don't exactly Chai Snipe afaik, and no matter what you do these ships should not have gun ranges beyond their draw distance. The one advantage I can see that mod offering, is that if your team is fighting on the larger maps and you have no idea what's spotted exactly (ship name, not just its class) on the other side of the map, that modificat
  11. I basically was once upon a time in the "omg Izumo is absolute bollocks gg Wargaming, gg for the 2nd coming of pre-buff VK4502B". One thing you can take solace in is that you have very good guns and the armor isnt bad... once plunging fire stops being a thing, as Bathoz pointed out. In fact, at close rage, the armor is just as good as an Iowa's I'd wager. The only area where the deck armor is weak is the elevated part below the superstructure -- the foward and rear parts of the deck that aren't elevated can withstand 400mm+ guns and not get auto-penned, just like the Iowa. Also, with the super
  12. I play on a lapotatotop. With a monthly salary of around 300 USD, it's kinda hard to buy new things too when you are saving up for other things in life. The higher the amount of experience a commander has the more massive the amount of grinding you'll have to do with 50% efficient sills. Once you reach around your third/fourth level skill, and can't afford premium ( like me ), it's better to either spend gold or get a brand new commander. Albeit spending gold is kinda against the point of not having prem... At least that's how I've been operating so far.
  13. That's a very informative post. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
  14. You actually have decent pen for tier and you are not a stock Myogi/Kongo/Fuso. The two successors of the Nagato are... "special" I guess. The Amagi to a lesser degree, but I do assume you've already heard of the Legendary Izumo. (Which I've taken a liking to ironically after having played it so much. Stockholme syndrome much?)
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