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  1. Sure did. -No one mentioned the LGA 1150 Xeon alternatives when the conversation turned away from the 2 combos in the OP. There may be an attractively priced alternative to be found that will also work with the OPs other needs. -The WOT chart is hopelessly out of date but was never in question. -No one 'plays' Cinebench -Some people are born to spin like pinwheels in a hurricane.
  2. The Intel chips are generally regarded as better for gaming. If you think you will keep enough of the AMDs 8 cores busy with other applications then that is perhaps a reason to go AMD. If you don't run lots of applications all the time the Intel is probably the better choice. Note: I am using an FX 8350 on my personal rig. I also use Xeons at work for CAD and CAM.
  3. No problem, I'll be back for more. I've had much worse patterns. You got one yesterday.
  4. Have M103 but moved crew to E5, working on others. I must admit though that so far I find tier ten to be very 'campy'.
  5. Looking for platoons. Dailies, grinds, for fun, missions or whatever. TS, in game comm, or silent doesn't matter. EST 7-11 p.m. most days. I can play any tier except 2 and 9 and have a decent selection of pref MM premiums also.
  6. Add me. I am usually on 7-11 p.m. EST NA east
  7. I have used older monitors using adapters (VGA - DMI) to GPU. Have not tried to use GPU and motherboard video at same time.
  8. Check devices in control panel to see your Bluetooth device and its current state (enabled/disabled).
  9. Send me an invite if you see me on. I play random 3-7 for the most part and pref 8s. I have one tier 9 but no need to play it.
  10. Send me an invite if you see me on. Can play to tier 9.
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