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  1. Has anyone figured out the formula for the calculation of war bonds when playing a tier X? Is it posted somewhere (e.g. Wargaming official forums or maybe in the patch notes where I might have missed it)?
  2. But did you get chevrons? Chevrons are life, chevrons are love.
  3. I hate grinding my O-Ho right now. For tier 8s on SEA, how's the Nameless doing? Is it as OP as the youtube videos indicate?
  4. What, if anything, could I have done differently in this match. I'm pretty "throw my keyboard out the window" mad about it right now. http://wotreplays.com/site/3655310 Edit: Now that I've watched the replay again... I'm more angry at the fucking JPG E-100 than anything.
  5. This mode is entirely too grind-y. Right now you need at least 10 points to guarantee you're in League I (you can get in if you have 9 points and a high chevron received %). Not to name and shame (so I won't put their name), but the worst chevron received percentage for a tanker with 10 points has an overall 46.5% chevron received for both stages, and a 44.32% chevron received percentage for the current stage... but has received 7 points. So you can definitely get carried in to League I with enough grinding/luck.
  6. Would people think the mode was better if League 1 got 15k+ bonds, league 2 got 10k+ bonds and league 3 got 5k+ bonds. In other words, League 1 would be able to outfit a full tank. I feel like right now most of the complaints are "this isn't going to get me anything". Granted, before the start of the league the complaints on the wot forums were "OMG UNICUMS WILL JUST HAVE ALL THE IMPROVED EQUIPMUNK", so it'd bring back that complaint. P.S. Holy shit the in game survey WG just put up for Ranked Battles is way too long.
  7. FYI, the Mutz crew that can be earned from missions this month (February 2016) is NOT a zero skill BIA crew (like the Cromwell B, Berlin Trio, etc. crews). Instead they are crew members that have been given the full xp for the first skill. This means you can retrain the BIA skill to whatever skill you'd like (which I did on the Commander I just got to give him sixth sense). I'm kinda disappointed, I was hoping for a zero skill BIA crew =[
  8. The tier 7 makes me want to punch a baby.
  9. The gun handling is terrible. I played a game on Fiery Salient today in the Skoda and long range sniping was brutal.
  10. Well that's horribly worded then, plus what use is 2 female crew memebers. I guess I could crew a PZ 1 C.
  11. Soooo.. it says: Above it it says: So... is that 10 female crew? Seems like 10...
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