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  1. I didn't mind the challenger lol, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, its a very good MT
  2. Wow so many down votes for having an opinion... Yes the IS-3 is a strong tank, probably the strongest tier 8, but I still don't think its "over" powered.
  3. That is a real possibility lol, also, after looking at the armor model again, the lower plate is stronger then I remember...
  4. As in a tier 8 clan battle or something? is that case no, and to that I can't really say anything, but with my experiences in random battles, its not that bad.
  5. Ok ok, I understand why you had HEAT loaded, I overlooked that the AK1 is an autoloader. I'm not just going by numbers, by my personal experience fighting IS-3's in the wild, I don't really have any problem with them. Also, I do own an IS-3, I like it, its a nice HT, but I have only played less then 50 games in it, so I'm not saying "Don't nerf my fav OP tank!" or anything. It's a powerful tier 8 tank, don't get me wrong, but I personally don't think its "OP".
  6. What gun was you using? The AK1 has 248 pen (320 with HEAT). That shouldn't bounce, must of been an extreme angle.
  7. I don't even think the HD remodel is OP, you can pen it with 175 pen from almost anywhere.
  8. I honestly don't see how the IS-3 is OP, 175 pen can get through the lower plate and a angled pike nose. There are many tanks that can pen it with ease, yes some premium tanks will have some trouble but they are premium tanks, just load some gold if you can't pen, you'll still make a profit. Even if the IS-3 is hull down, you can shoot it in the commanders hatch, the thin armor on its top, and there is thin armor just under the turret ring. The WZ-111 and the KV-5 have ALOT more armor, just saying.
  9. Can't you just install aslain's mod pack and uncheck the XVM map settings?
  10. When is SEA due for 9.14 update? we still don't have it. :look:

    1. KingYoshiLuca
    2. The English German

      The English German

      I swear, SEA is the red headed step child of WG.

    3. HabNab


      I would brag but NA is only 1 step behind :feelsbad:

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