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  1. Depressed/suicidal e-friendo chatted asking what to do and not knowing what to exactly say other than talk to the parents since personally still recovering from an episode too and I'm just there like :doge: 

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      As someone who has and is struggling, sometimes telling parents is the worst thing you could do. My depression stems from family abuse and outing him could have made his situation much worse depending on their temperament. 

    3. Lockhart77


      From what friend said the parents are actually good kind of parents, he's actually grateful to them, its a diff. thing that he thinks as the reason of the episode which is still kept vague from me so :doge: , hence why I told him to talk to the parents, mainly cause at least they deserve that much if the worst happen, personally feels better than leaving a note or some sort of it.

    4. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      that is good, its just a good thing to be mindful of.

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