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  1. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/06/28/dead-alive-xtreme-sense-will-let-players-smell-girls-get-splashed-sense-vr/ But y tho
  2. Finally found a real banger 


  3. @neokai please tell me you're not actually gonna change your IGN To that weeb knight shit
  4. That speed on the VC tank though, that shit's hella fast, with that weight
  5. tfw finally able to sleep early and woken up at 2am due to headache and bug bites, proceeds to stay awake up to 7am and a class at 0840, turns out the class starts at 0700, least I still get to sign attendance :oscar: 

  6. on a non-meme note, gonna give chain chronicle a watch, first ep looks intredastin'
  7. TIL "Virtual Youtuber" is a thing 


  8. Finally got around to watching Planetes, it adds a lotta stuff and characters compared to the manga but they manage to add and improve on how the title able to romanticize the space exploration theme. The only gripe so far is the voice acting for Fee since I depicted her as more tomboyish over a caring mother kind of character which the VA is leaning more to the latter while the character is leaning more to the former
  9. The Grinch remake is looking good :doge: 

  10. late to notice the meme but goddamn :serb: 

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      this was a gr8 vid when it first came out


  11. Every second the world stray further from god's graceful light
  12. :doge: fascinating happenings murica

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