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  1. Hello all. I'm Rubezahl on NA WoT, and after a tad over 19k games I'm taking a more active stance in making myself a better tanker. I'm including this LINK for anyone who would be interested in reviewing and providing criticism of my replays. After listening to a few replies on an earlier post, I've decided to concentrate initially on tanks with good gun depression in order to learn hull-down tactics. I plan to use: M7 MT, HT VI, FV201, STA-1, STA-2, T69 I know the HT VI isn't really in the 'gun depression' category of the others, but it's tons of fun to play and keeps my credit-flow positive.
  2. Ok, I've spent some time doing some reading, and playing random vehicles. I've decided that I want to work on tanks that have good gun depression. I think that by getting better at staying hull down I should start staying alive longer. Staying alive longer = more shots taken at OpFor = more damage/frags(hopefully), xp, and credits. I've chosen these vehicles, and I'd appreciate any comments! U.S. M7 MT Heavy Tank VI FV 201/A45 T69 STA-1 STA-2 Thanks very much for your comments and ideas so far. I hope to become proficient at these tanks, then continue expanding into other 'genres'.
  3. Understood, and thank you for the welcome. I did similar posts on WoT forums for two weeks...got two responses. It's gratifying to find players better than I willing to help!
  4. My thanks again. LT, I'll consider revising my tank-usage to maybe tier V-VII MTs. As for my faults, I truly believe I want to make contact far too quickly for my own good. Regardless of vehicle, when the counter hits zero I just feel I need to be moving. I feel like I'm not contributing if I don't get out and find OpFor tanks. It's like I don't want to be useless. I think I'll just stand up for the first 10 or 15 seconds of each battle and do a nice stretch. Maybe that'll help 'slow me down'. I also feel that I am too mono-directional. Once I'm going forward I have a lot of trouble stopping and backing up...or changing direction. So I often get into trouble and just push into it. Any ideas on how I might rein that in? Another problem I have is I like to be 'behind' my tank, basically far enough that I can see all of it. Unfortunately, when I get into close contact, I seem to move 'up', so I'm looking down on the encounter. I find that makes it very difficult to aim. But if I switch to a closer view(with only the top of the turret showing) I have trouble controlling the movement of the tank. If I switch to 'sniper' view I lose all of my external awareness.
  5. Thanks to you both. I will ask specific questions later today after I've read those two articles and watched a few of my replays.
  6. Thanks AdmiralV, I put a post in the "Tape Study" section, and am continuing to browse guides!
  7. Hi, Rubezahl here. I was directed to this area to provide a link to my replays. I've basically 'had fun' the last 18k games, although I've learned a bit. I want to be better, and I realize the only way that's going to happen is to start learning from better players. One way is for any of you willing to pick my games apart. A player who offered help via the WoT forums suggested I post mainly my losses, and so most that I upload are losses. I agree that the battles you lose are often the best opportunities to learn. I also understand that I very rarely contribute my fair share to a battle, due to my own inability to make the most of my 'tools'. I'm hoping some of you might take a look at those replays and provide some critical guidance! This same player also suggested I pick some mid-tier MTs and play only those. Another player suggested the same, but high-tiers, as they felt mid-tiers are 'easier' and won't force a player to improve. I've been trying to complete some of the StuG IV missions, and have all but the SPG missions to the 'group' missions. However once I have some more feedback my thought was to go with tier VII-IX MTs, and to play tier V and VI tanks occasionally to make money and to complete more StuG IV missions. Here are my 9.9 replays. I can provide more if you wish. I have XVM installed, but mainly for the 2-row hanger, the various 'stats' added to the tank icons in the hanger, and things like that. I've gotten away from looking at players' scores and the 'chance to win' percentage, as I feel they just 'preload' a game. Someday I'll figure out how to create my own XVM 'preset' and get rid of all the stuff I don't want. For now I just go with what gives me what I want. My thanks to any of you who take the time to read, to watch, and/or to provide feedback!
  8. Hello everyone, Rubezahl from the NA server introducing myself. I'm a mediocre player who is trying to become a better player...after 18k battles! Yes, I know, it's going to be an uphill battle, but I've decided to be serious. A few folks on the WoT.com forums were nice enough to respond to my request for help. They advised that I select a few similair tanks and just sit down and play those until I've mastered them, then start expanding. Both people giving advice suggested I start with MTs, but one suggested I work on tiers IV-VII, and the other advocated higher. So I haven't buckled down yet, and I'd appreciate any advice any of you have to offer. This is a link to a conversation I had with one player. I'm not quite good enough to remove the other players name from the conversation. This is a link to all of the replays I've uploaded to www.wotreplays.com. This is a link to the 9.9-version replays I've uploaded to www.wotreplays.com.
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