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  1. This has always been the vision for FOXEY and continues being so. A lot of good players with experience and talent have recently come into the fold. Their integration into the team has been noticeable. I'm proud to see this team moving forward in leaps and bounds and will continue to do some in the coming months. Thus saying, good players will move on and others will arrive. Inactives will be kicked and so forth. This is the nature of CW teams. Sub clans or main, none can function without those who put a lot of time and effort into running it 24/7. This, I see, is the true power that makes or breaks teams. This is what separates casual and competitive teams. No point in having a super star team if they have no logistical support behind them. This is what is truly making FOXEY into a competitive team currently. The amazing dedication of the depcoms, fieldys and recruiters who, behind the scenes, strive endlessly to assure that FOXEY is a well oiled machine most days. Also of note, without the main team help from time to time (Pbkac, Otter and Pupeh), we would be a lot worse off. Thank you to those who took the time out to show us a few pointers from time to time. Hopefully we can put the shts up you in the coming months
  2. He's a fkn scrub. You should change your adulation to me. TO ME!!!
  3. Stop trying to pretend you don't want to come to NZ Neverwish and just do it. Our beer is top notch, our women are promiscous and our football is better than your slack Brazillian side. Football = rugby over here btw Politics be damned I say. You'll leave this country a beer gutted, two bit hussy who has a passion for the All Blacks and a new found love for the countryside.
  4. Doesn't sound or act like Lucas to be honest and I have tooned with him a lot in the past. Thus saying it could have been an off day for him as we've all been there, done that before. I'll mention it to him and see what was up. Never a good thing seeing team mates and friends get into the name and shame thread. Wish the same could be said about you to be honest. Everytime you post I just wanna knock you out.
  5. Why is it frustrating? What in particular are you wanting to learn? Personally, I joined BURDY when I was a 48%er and had no idea what I was doing. A few percent later I still don't know what's what but at least I have won a few more games and I owe a lot of credit to BURDY and it's members. Past and present A lot of VERY good players still in BURDY so hit them up and listen to what they have to say.
  6. Saw this happen today. A Maus and a Patton did the same. As soon as the clock ran down they exploded straight away. Fortunately they were on the other side. Guess we are gonna be seeing this more and more?
  7. *cough* Do you mind handing them back please as you've been carried enough and it's now my turn. Kthkbi
  8. We've been operational coming up a month now but fk me! The amount of time and effort one needs to keep the cogs turning is eye opening. Planning for CW is almost a 24/7 job. The sad thing is, we aren't CWing all that much yet. The diplo side of things is just something else. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of that and it's already doing my head in. Then there is maintaining a hungry teams interest while answering all the "Is CW on today and what tank should I bring? Do we have prac and what map is it?" and the back and fro pming of potential new recruits. We are only 60 strong so far. Ask me how I am when we hit 100... So to those who have a cry about the top teams hogging all the land and other crap. They have more than earned it! To be that successful for that long and are still able to maintain their mental faculties (of sorts) is an unbelievable and deserved achievement.
  9. I know it sounds stupid but in times of high stress situations or where you need to focus more, breathe. You'll find when you're in a close, hard fought game you will tend to subconsciously hold your breath in which for those brief, critical times, you will lose focus and do dumb shit more often than not due to a lack of much needed oxygen. I used to race cars around tracks and I always wondered why I was so tired when I finished. I went and saw a sports doctor about it and he informed me of the above mentioned. Now like some of you may do, I scoffed at the notion but was willing to try it out as it was free and no harm would come from it if it didn't work. He explained by finding a method that made you conscious of your breathing that you were more likely to concentrate for longer periods and make less mistakes at critical times. I gave it a try by talking to myself while driving around. It was hard at first because I would slip back into holding my breath when trying to undercut someone in a corner but once I realised I was doing it I started to force myself to breathe. What a difference it made. Once into a rythym I was able to maintain my concentration levels up for longer periods, plus I wasn't as shattered after each race. Even a few people I raced against noticed the difference in my driving performance. I found it has helped so give it a go. It's free. You never know. It may work for you also .
  10. Those of you who have the ability to lead our team to quality games resulting in victory through tactical, adaptaive and smart thinking game play should always be encouraged. Some need to be "pushed" to the front. It was a good decision to make you one and it will be another good decision to make Torbes one also
  11. Don't be fooled by the player base in BURDY. There are some true gems in that team. Next time I view you in the pbkac chan you may accidentally end up wearing a FOXEY tag
  12. When you post you come across rather confident and self assured (mostly). Hearing you in TS you sound like a rather humbled and softly spoken young fella. I half expected a rowdy and raucous sort of chap. Neither is bad by any means. I meant no offence by my earlier comment. I was just making an observation is all.
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