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  1. You spazzed on me and called me bad when I stuffed your half-assed flanking attempt on Karelia once but i think we'd play well together so hit me up
  2. Thanks all...the more the merrier.
  3. Harder to find toonmates now that I'm clanless. I play mostly tiers 9 & 10 but also like 5-7. East or west doesnt much matter. Silent works too.
  4. Hello people...I like winning, scaring pubbies with brute force, ram kills and winning. Looking for the same. A little about me...generally quiet, mellow and love a good fight. Silent platoons are fine, comms are generally better though b/c I am old and can't type and fight at the same time. Please no chatty kathys, already have a wife If we sound like a match, please friend me.
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