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  1. Still super torn on this one. I've tried rammer/vert/GLD optics/vert/GLD vents/vert/GLD ~50 games played, probably half with food and half without. When I ran food, I again couldn't decide between running it in place of auto extinguisher, or medkit. Apparently I find Chinese tanks very confusing. I'm doing a little over 2k dpg and winning over 60% so I'm not playing terribly but I feel like I haven't quite figured this one out yet.
  2. ^whelp, that's a solid argument right there. reasoning behind rammer over vents or optics? playstyle? or you just find the long reload too much of a weakness without it? edit- and why 5 HE? just because you never really run low on ammo so fuck it?
  3. Tried it out a couple of games already. The gun seems to behave MUCH better. It's a shame to cripple the view range on a tank that has such excellent camo and view range, though. Perhaps once my crew gets better and has BIA and view range skills, I can try swapping vents for optics.
  4. I've never even considered doing this on a tank before, but does anyone think the that t-34-3 might benefit from dropping rammer completely and running vents/vert/GLD? I know the DPM is atrocious but i wonder if any superunis run this setup because it seems like connecting on shots is more of an issue in my limited experience with the tank than how many shots i get downrange. Thoughts?
  5. Ok cool, thanks. Pretty much along the lines of what I was thinking. Of course as soon as you move back to a defensive position your whole team starts losing their minds. "NOOB CAMPER HASN'T LEFT SPAWN ALL GAME!"
  6. North spawn on Lakeville. T62-A. Mostly tier 9 and 10 game. Lots of arty and TDs, didn't see a safe way to spot middle given where my team was at first. 2/3 of my heavies go valley and just sit there. Mostly all of my meds and TDs are sniping(camping) at the top of the middle road, and a few lower tiers have gone city (shit like our CDC) where they will surely die with little to no support. Sure enough, the enemy team is pushing city with tanks I can't fight head on (E100, E5, E75, Type 5). I was originally working from mid toward the outskirts of the city but once we were clearly losing city,
  7. That's exactly how I've been paying himmels actually, the problem with that is that whether or not those positions will be safe enough to actually use is inconsistent. And even when they are, whether or not I will actually get shots is inconsistent as well. lol stronk map design. I've found on city maps it's best to just be SUPER patient and wait until you see an engagement where your team has gotten a big ball of their team down to low HP and then you just charge in and start trying to DPM them while they're distracted. Anyone watch that second replay and have any tips?
  8. Thats a nice game. Props. That MM is very favorable to you being able to carry though. Where would you go if they had a medium speed advantage and an arty or 2?
  9. if you get a chance, I'd be curious to hear your input on my second replay. Specifically the initial position I took and whether you would have played the first minute or two differently. Ya'll can watch these at like 3x speed basically btw. I'm going to have essentially no mistakes as far as aim and bush work and that kinda shit. It's more of where I go and when in this thing that I'm unsure is great.
  10. Other than the one above, I just got home and this was the first game I played. Lost it as well. And I feel like its actually a great summary of what problems I've been having. Feel like I made few mistakes. Also E25 frustration ram on VK is OP. http://wotreplays.com/site/2139178#arctic_region-autumn3ffect-e_25 As you can see I'm not chai sniping. I tried to get vision control over mid right away, unfortunately no one went there. I even got an early spot and 1 shot in on one of their ridge TDs who got arty'd right after. Same problem as I said above, my teams just keep folding before I can s
  11. http://wotreplays.com/site/2138411#karelia-autumn3ffect-e_25 I don't save many replays so this is far from the game I would have picked as being especially indicative of my play in general but its the only one I have. I stayed in my initial position for about 2 minutes too long. I should have flexed either mid or hill when the tiger 1 was exposed which likely would have saved my team some HP. I also wasn't cautious enough going up the hill when I did go eventually, because i got cocky thinking i wouldn't get lit by their heavyies or the ISU, which was correct, but the t25, after camping
  12. Oh hey ancient. You're on my friends list. You gave me some type 64 tips and I ended up 3rd marking that a bit ago. That chat ban tho. RIP
  13. I addressed most of this earlier but more specifically, did you not find that with that setup that lacking max view range was limiting? I don't like to rely on anyone else to spot for me because they rarely do (lakeville last night for example, all 3 of the light tanks on my team go valley -_-). I'm pretty sure the only way to cap out your view range without binocs is to have a max viewrange skill crew and run food as well. I love my view range about but realize that this tank has many situations where it isn't an option, especially given the lack of turret, so I chose optics but then figured
  14. Thanks for the replies so far guys. At any rate it's good to know I'm not alone in struggling to win solo hahaha. My biggest complaint about the tank is basically that, like, I'm not an asshole or unrealistic about whether I play well or not. When I do stupid shit I'm the first one say, "yeah that was stupid my bad." And 99% of the time when I have a bad session in terms of wins I feel like I played badly. Also not trying to sound elitist about stats at all btw night. I'm just surprised by the huge gap in correlation between my performance in the and my results. I clearly have to admit I'm F
  15. So I just unlocked the e-25 Friday from those missions and well... I'm finding it extremely frustrating. The only tank in recent memory that is at least decent, and that I haven't been able to 'get' within a handful of games, either by playing it or reading a bit about it first. And at this point, I've done both pretty extensively. So I need some srs advice from someone who is really really good with it. So basically, after about 20 games, I had a 3,100 WN8 in the thing, doing about 1750 average damage, and my winrate was below 50%. I assumed it was just because of the small sample size and a
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