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  1. Class 3 gun laying drive is only compatible with tier 2-4 tanks.
  2. DDR4 runs at 2133 MHz by default, no matter how fast your ram actually is. Have you enabled XMP? It should run at 2400 MHz then, like shown in one of your screenshots.
  3. Death, taxes and T-34-3 buffs. This is like 8th time it has been buffed since I got it back in 2014.
  4. How is the 10% calculated though? Normally, there's a 27% chance to damage an ammo rack if you hit it, does +10% mean 37% chance or 27% * 1,1 = 29,7% chance? If it's the latter, it's pretty much the same as the current one on live server. If it's the former, then you could expect an ammo rack kill every game if maxed out.
  5. Crew with this much skills is only level 54 when converted to 2.0: I would've expected it to be maxed out, but it's nowhere near 75 levels... The zero perk crew members really get nerfed. I have tons of tanks with 3-4 skills, which is all you need in the old system. For example, I have full crews for all 5 russian tier X heavies, but since the new system allows to use one crew with up to 3 tanks, I'd rather combine those crews to have 2 better crews rather than 5 mediocre ones.
  6. Refresh date is 144, but I don't think it has anything to do with that. I noticed that when testing, I got the shortest time result (0,165s) with Strv 103B (1500 m/s), and the longest time (0,171s) with T49 (683 m/s) That is, when you shoot with Strv a target that is 248 meters away, the shell travel time is 248 m / 1500 m/s = 0,165s, and if you shoot with T49 117 meters away, the travel time is 117 m / 683 m/s = 0,171s. In both cases, I didn't get spotted, but if the target were 1m farther away I would get spotted. The above travel times assume that the shell would follow a straight
  7. If you kill a tank who is oneshot, sometimes you won't get spotted, if only tank which is within the range to spot you is the one you killed. Tested this in training room, and the result was that if the enemy dies within about 0,165 seconds of when you shoot, that tank will not spot you. It seems to not be exactly 0,165s with every tank/shell, but the results were consistently between 0,165 - 0,172 seconds. Camo value of shooter seemed to not have an effect. This implies that for every shell velocity, there's a certain distance within which you can kill an enemy without getting spott
  8. Mission complete! Reward:
    Vehicles added: Object 260 (crew 100%)

    Finally took head out of my ass and tried the HT15.4, took me 50 battles with Maus. Six years to get the 260, I didn't really try to complete the missions, got like 95% of them by just playing.

  9. Service Record:
    Senior Technical Engineer.

    8 years, 1 month, 1 day, 28668 battles. Now what?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lavawing


      grind the Italian heavies without reserves, prem time and free exp

    3. NightmareMk9


      Have you researched every module on every tank?  You DON'T get anything when you do.

    4. Jul_Le


      No I haven't, I didn't feel like spending 10k xp to get 10m more radio range

  10. Overlord beach does provide some hilarious moments


    1. hazzgar


      It's funny you did less dmg here than Wallst's 2xFCM + KV5 ram train did to a patriot

  11. Never seen this happen before


    1. echo9835


      wait what? How?

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      @echo9835 Ammo rack = turret jumps onto 50b kiling it

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