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  1. thanks for the offer Wewum...no problem for me to build a pc though...been at it for years...just need help not sucking...when I can actually see this damn game at more than 20 fps...
  2. If I do 2-3 k damage, I make a celebratory cocktail!
  3. you are correct, I am playing on a potato class pc with sub 30 fps..will be correcting this when my tax return comes in! I do make shooting my weight an every game goal!
  4. If you dont mind a tomato for a partner I'll roll with ya, I play mainly T 5-7 with some T 8 prems. Also on NA..
  5. Like the title says.. I am a tomato who wants to improve, I have watched vids/streams but cant seem to replicate the results.. I play mainly tiers 5-7 with a few t8 prems(dont care for them really I have found). My main problem seems to be an over-aggressive approach to this game that leaves me alone, or nearly so, at the worst times. On the other hand hand my best tank, stat-wise is my T20. go figure, long reload and paper armour but I seem to play it best of all my tanks. I also need to work on my vision mechanics and map awareness a lot too (duh
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for this community. As a deep red tomato I have found your vids a valuable training tool. I am even seeing a slow (painfully slow)upward trend in my stats that I attribute to your efforts. Keep it up please!
  7. Would love the oportunity to 'toon up with a better player and watch their back!
  8. Greetings and salutations one and all! I come before this august group as the humblest of tomato's seeking to improve via the resources offered here..I look forward to leaving the deep red hell behind!
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