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  1. I hated this tank at first and parked it when they took away my T-50-2 (Bastards!). But if you never had the T-50-2 then you don't know what you're missing, which makes the MT-25 much more palatable for players who haven't been at this for 4 years or more (yikes). I picked it up again because I wanted the LTTB and T-54LW, and I was pleasantly surprised. Most battle I did some initial active scouting, and then waited for an opportunity to jump on something with the 57mm and dpm it down. Seemed to work ok.
  2. You can hang out on our TS and look for platoons, even if you are not 18. Go straight to the "platoon needed - NA channel" Cheers, -j.
  3. Bump - Been awhile since I was able to visit the forums, thanks to Love2run, WaterWar and Your_Master for the positive responses while I was away. We are still recruiting and doing skirmishes and strongholds actively - we are a great place to come and hang out & improve your game play! Deets for applying are in the OP! Cheers, -j.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I'll research it now and then use the xp credit to unlock the tier 6. Thanks! -j.
  5. Hey - So I'm sitting on enough XP to research the Chaffee as it is now in 9.2. I have been putting it off though, as I heard the nerfed revamped Chaffee was going to cost only about 12k XP to research in 9.3. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything that outlines what will / may happen in the garage when 9.3 is released? Will it be better to have it researched? or not? Should I buy one before 9.3 comes out to catch any 'hidden' bonuses? Cheers, -j.
  6. Cool - thanks! I just didn't know how it was done or if there was a glitch of some kind. I really like the WN7/WN8 etc project but don't have the technical knowledge to do anything useful, other than report possible errrors / bugs. PS - I was gonna play it as much as I liked anyways...
  7. Hey - Hopefully this is the right place to put this. And hopefully I describe the problem properly. I finally played a game in the recent gift tank, the Te Ke, and did something like 330 damage. My WN8 for the game was 145. That didn't seem right as I had a pretty good game for a tier 2 tank. So I checked the expected damage, and according to the VB Addict Uploader the expected damage for this tank is 0, which doesn't seem right either. So is this a problem with WN8 or with VB Addict? I'm not worried about 1 game wrecking my stats or anything but I figured someone ought to know. If
  8. Hey Ghirarey - that's cool, thanks for explaining. Good luck with your games today & in the future. Cheers, -j.
  9. Saw ANTICAMPER grinding low tiers, in one of those weird games where you only have 7 v 7 or 8 v 8, b/ West server pop is sad.
  10. Couldn't do one more battle to save that 128 of free xp?
  11. Hey Gharirey, Thanks for the comment and bump. I'd be pretty happy if my stats were as good as QBs, but it's an ongoing project. We are a clan that came together because we all enjoy watching QBs thread and playing internet tonks. You don't have to follow QBs content but you do need to be active in our TS and on our forums (which is pretty standard for any clan). We have a mainly social focus (ie, no requirements to do Clan Wars) and expect a high level of play from our members. We have been playing skirmishes, strongholds and several other tournaments with a lot of success and hav
  12. QSF on EU is quite well developped with 5 sub-clans for various levels of player. You can move up through the subclans as you get better. http://quickybaby.com/forums/2
  13. Whelp... resurrecting an 8 month old convo just to tell someone they sucked. Did that guy nick your hubcaps or something???
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