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  1. thanks for the updates.... looking really good
  2. Just keeping it short and sweet. Been browsing this forum for awhile and decided to say hello. However one quick question, over the past 100 battles my wn8 according to WoTLabs 888 to 919.I thought this was strange for it to jump so high so quickly so I looked at NoobMeter and it says my wn8 is around 893. Is there an error within WotLabs or is it a different algorithm to determine wn8 within the 2 websites?
  3. New to the forums and after browsing it for a few hours there seems to be signs of intelligent life on here unlike other forums (*cough* WoT forums). I am a unicon War Thunder player but have been playing Tanks alot more lately and have been looking to go from average to an unprofessional tomato. I do have 1 tier 10 (is4) and a tier 9 Bat Chat 155 55 arty. I have lots of 8s and like playing all tanks and all tiers. If anyone wants to show a guy a tips of the trade and possibly toon up that could be arranged.
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