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  1. From 9.16 assisted damage will be visible during battle, any chance to get it implemented some way? (maybe the API guys adding it?)
  2. Type 95: 21 M5 Stuart: 20 + 1 = 21 can't derp anymoreSAu-40: 20 Kanonenjagdpanzer: 21FV4005: 14 - 3 = 11 can derp
  3. i meant in the trees obviously, and i have to say that by tier 8 212 pen it's nothing spectacular anymore, so it better lose it's drawbacks from the previous tiers, otherwise probably noone (me included) would have bought the tank
  4. Is there a french tank on wich the awkward 90mm DCA 45 is the best gun?
  5. yep, i know, i meant i had gone like: repair->rep+snap->rep+BIA->rep+BIA+50%snap my complete crew setup now it's 1. BIA 2. repair, repair, safe stowage, sixth sense 3. 50% repair, repair, snap shot, clutch braking (btw how the hell did my recent win rate got back up by 1% from yesterday without me playing a single game)
  6. you're so picky XD i mistook vegetables with vegetals, translation error in my brain... oopsie
  7. Sayans are all named after vegetable, the tomato is a vegetable: the tomatoes are Sayans BEAUTIFUL
  8. simply didn't bother to write it down, it's oblviously there :3 BTW i made a mistake, on my gunner i left repair and i'm now retraining snap shot, not the other way... i'm now at around 50% of the third skill
  9. I play this tank much worse than my is-3 (i'm still learning it), but i really like it... Crew has 2 skills (repair+handling+safe stowage, bia, now retraining repair) I run rammer, vert, optics, but i'm not good at hiding my lfp and the tank is made of ammorack... Do you guys consider viable switching optics for wet ammo?
  10. Black camo compensates stupid WG logos Seems pretty solid after the pen buff, at least inline with the other scouts... I'm sold (lowering marks requirements for you guys, be happy) Ps: what ammo loadout would you suggest? 26/10/10?
  11. only high tier arty i have it's french tier 7... spammed premium HE for like 50 games, put the keyboard in the hands of a comrade ot of frustration... he did it on the first try without gold ammo... FML anyway, yes, french it's workable for some of the missions, but for some it's a nightmare, especially after dispersion nerf
  12. Yeah, turns out you don't need to hit an ammorack to damage it, really I also heard if you aim tracks you can put the engine on fire... Ever heard of irony and sarcasm?
  13. Again, noone of us hinted that... Instead, as Private_Miros already said, we were suspicious at the elevate number of shots AIMED at ammoracks (derived by the number of shots that actually damaged the module, considering the 73% save chanche of the module), hinting at an aimbot
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