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  1. What is it with boogers on the walls in the men's bathrooms above the urinals? Do guys actually wipe them there, or are they just sneezed there? WTF...



      People wipe them there. The bathroom at my work is littered with boogers. I like to play connect the dots while I pee. No, I don't put them on the wall myself. That's rood.

  2. WG hates colorblind people fo sho...

    1. OOPMan


      Don't we all ;-)

  3. Only 109,000 XP left to the E3...FML.

  4. Happy Holidays!

    1. orangyvv


      You mean christmas.

  5. Wishes ATT would pull its head out of its ass...

    1. Burdenedfungus


      I know that feeling all too well.. Good luck

  6. Wishes ATT would put its head out of its ass...

  7. Inflates footballs with two hands.

  8. Want's to find a burrito called Tanko Bueno...

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