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  1. When presented the opportunity to acquire the "preferential" premiums that are slowly disappearing from the game, one should grab with gusto! Carpe tankums!
  2. Why did you pursue an engagement with two heavies? Wouldn't it have been better to set up at your cap and wait for them? You get spotted at the 10 min mark from only god knows where but proceed to drive on the top of the hills instead of the lows. You know you can hold the RMB and swivel your camera without losing the position of your gun? At one point after you roll up on the SU-122-44, you lose SA on him, and focus fire on something else...only Serb knows why that SU didn't roll down and out DPM you...
  3. I concur with those that state measuring the full grind...but the variables involved in that type of analysis would be overwhelming in itself and you'd come out looking like this...
  4. If you sold it on the same account, you can always submit a ticket for buyback. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  5. It's a shame that one of the best high velocity, accurate, high pen guns is on such a shitty platform. If you're going to keep it, at least get the JgTg 8.8 and at least work on your crew skills whilst making Benjamins.
  6. Most mod packers are pretty responsible about telling users which mods are illegal and on which servers. Most tankers are pretty savvy to the tools already in play to help them along, and don't need "cheats" to give a competitive advantage. Besides, too much data can overwhelm the senses and in fact make you worse, not better.
  7. Just discussing... Why would you forgo the advantage that an AFE provides? Why would you pay for increased skills with food, when you can increase them via skills? IMHO it seems like you aren't fully maximizing the strengths of the tank, i.e., the gun.
  8. Pitch_Black


    I'd like my 4 minutes back please. What is the point of this post? Braggadocio, sympathy, empathy? Actually it's a vampire post, as it drains the life out of you.
  9. Put in a issue message for @Never at: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/forum/56-wotlabs-issue-reporting/
  10. You seem to be doing fine without it. I'd recommend a training room with 1 vs 2-3 on hilly terrain. You have to get used to the auto-aim locking on to center mass. Even behind a hill, it will lock on, and you'll duff your shot into the dirt. After all you don't learn to phuck by watching porn, you gotta do it yourself.
  11. Jelly beans would signify Ronald Reagan, but that pic doesn't look like Ronnie. The FCM is goooooood. Smooth. If memory serves me, best T8 premium pen.
  12. Everyone knows the aliens have visited us, and continue to live amongst us... I know because they play WOT during the x3, and x5 experience weekends that pepper the WG schedule.
  13. I've never had one caller ask for a T-32, not one. If the conversation is like this then maybe... "Do you have an IS-3? No? Do you have an IS-6? No? How about a JP2? No? How about Pershing? No? Okay, how about a T-32?"
  14. OBTW... In the Cent match you were rolling all over the train tracks, and I was watching the barrel bob up and all around (yes, I know what I did there-keep it clean!) so it made me think you don't have two key things on that line of tanks...vertical stabilizer and smooth ride. The Cent gun is meh, but not poor as that Brit line of guns has good-great accuracy. You need to maximize it, and take the shots when they are presented to you. In the immortal words of Garbad "keep the barrel hot".
  15. One disturbing trend that I note... Why do you wait so long to shoot? In the VK match, coming down the hill on the ARL you have a shot, but held it. If you had taken the shot, you may not have felt so pressed to swing to his right and then get hit by the Nash. In the Cent match you have a shot on the Tiger II and wait until the Cent bloom is miniscule even with 3 tanks bearing down on you. I understand it's important to get the shot aimed, but when you are less than 1 grid from a tank, and there are two of them...you may want to take your shot. Especially with tanks bearing down on you! Think of it this way...would they wait to shoot you?
  16. "there is no best, there is only better" Yoda, is that you? Really though... I sense angst in your posts, and that makes me sad. Who do you have that you can vent to, and relieve the angst?
  17. Couple of things OP: -If you go to an amusement park and like rollercoasters/thrill rides, than stick with mediums. -I'd recommend that your MM be larger than your xvm display of team composition, select it down to less data. -If you have the Bromwell and are past the Cromwell, don't keep the Crommy.
  18. This delicatable lady wants you to join BIMBO... how can you say no to her?
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