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  1. Then pick wisely. As a career Sailor with about 13 months until military retirement, and the son of a career Marine, pick wisely. What do you want to get out of it? What do you NEED to get out of it? Are you ready for the rigor and controls placed upon you? The Post 911 GI Bill is the same for all branches. What the branches give you for education while you are in their service vary widely. Feel free to PM, and I'll give you straight answers from the Navy perspective. What are you looking to do in the military?
  2. Looking to see if anybody can assist with redesigning our Navy unit logo? It has to be volunteer work, however I'd be happy to send you one of the first patches/decals once the Navy approves the artwork, and a small gold package as a token of appreciation. I have the components for the redesign and can email them to your personal email for review. PM for more details.
  3. Free bump provided by the family... She's noice!
  4. A free bump courtesy of the BIMBOs...but this lady is not a BIMBO...she is three words: Dee Lish Us
  5. BIMBO family support bump, I'll let you borrow her today...
  6. Pictures or it didn't happen.
  7. You're complaining about 1-2 shots per match?
  8. A smart person would coincide this with a SSD install. Better to run the OS from SSD nowadays, and tanks runs better on SSD to boot! Win-Win.
  9. I've been busy, but she's back for the daily bump...enjoy.
  10. Ghosts in the machines or Relic haxs? I can't understand what would change your graphics in the garage besides a garage mod...however last night after updating OMC, the very next game I had zero foliage, zero textures, and the buildings were as vanilla as a beginning drawing class...it was bizarre.
  11. The A45 has been an elixir for MM woes; as many of them as there are it has kept the T7-T9 spread palatable. Bless it for that at least.
  12. And a check of your graphics settings in game post mod removal, and post mod install show the settings identical?
  13. We haven't had a tanks contest in years, and In the past I've acquired gaming mice and WOTLABS used them to run a contest. I'd like us to do that more often if not monthly. My goal: Obtain support from the community to collect donations of paypal, gold, tanks, premium time, gaming gear, etc. and then establish a monthly contest. Those that have donated can still participate as long as the correct dated screenshots and replay are posted during the contest period. I don't know all the particulars to starting it, but maybe one of the admins could establish a paypal or patreon contest donation acc
  14. Tea is not the drink here as it is there. When in Rome, do as the Romans... CoffeeTime
  15. I'm all about entertainment, and will happily pour fuel on it to keep it burning, but usually you have one guy who is wrong, and one guy who is right and the guy in the wrong can't see that he is wrong, nor will he admit it. These two are both wrong and right, so that negates any points of contention and sucks the fun out of the ride...
  16. Careful of this.... I used that kind of email to buy the "quartet", the quartet didn't show up in the garage, so I submitted a ticket. Ticket comes back "you purchased it under your EU account". Uhhhh..what EU account? 5 tickets and 3 weeks later, they show up in my garage.
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