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  1. There is a known problem with the Dokan library and Windows 8. I've never been able to get it to run correctly without the BSOD. I've read and tried installing Dokan in Win 7 compatability mode, but that doesn't work either. I've tried it all... Removal of XVM, and Dokan, reboot, reinstall both in Win 7 compatability, restart, BSOD. I've ensured the net frameworks were up to date, no go.
  2. My faves are the M4, Crommy, E2, Easy 8, Hellcat, Wolverine, Jackson, KV-1S, Tiger, and IS. They are all very effective in the right hands in pubs.
  3. I concur with Tef. I started playing in '11 and then let it go. My 6 year old son saw the commercial and asked, I let him play under my account for 6 months (a mistake that I'm still trying to clean up-he has his own account now). But once he got into it, I started to get back into it, and I immersed myself in the wargaming.net vids and they teach the very important basics. For example... I didn't REALLY understand camo until I watched and learned; today I use camo on all my long-term keepers, and I use it to my advantage. I didn't undertand hull position, side scrapping, or face hugging... all important to survival. I recommend getting into a line that shows results quicker, and therefore boosts confidence (the Lee/M4/M6/Sherman's). Watch youtube vids of players and find the right spots on the maps to engage and or pick-off. Be a student of the game and put others experiences to good use.
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