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  1. You guys are still going at this? Talk about playground shenanigans... At least roll up your sleeves and take it to PM's.
  2. Congrats. Check your email. Bundle you purchased: "3000 Gold"Date and time of purchase: 2015-07-15 09:04:19 UTCGift sent: 2015-07-15 09:04:19 UTCGift expires: 2015-08-14 09:04:20 UTCRecipient: SkittlesOfSteel
  3. My Plantronics Rig was a surprise from my wife and I dig it. The ear pads are cloth covered memory foam and ultra comfortable. The device comes with a mixing device that enables you to balance the in-game sounds and voice comms, you can even hook up your cell phone and answer it while playing via the headset. It's always about size with women...
  4. Consider the Mafia family of _IMBO/BIMBO/JIMBO/KIMBO/LIMBO. One of these clans will suit you, and then you don't have to leave to grow. http://www.jklmafia.com/ I'm a BIMBO recruiter, so I guess it makes me a pimp...
  5. I always deliver, ask Pity... I'll pay this out on the 14th.
  6. Ahhh yes, but what if Donald Trump said he really liked the Mexican people and meant it?
  7. Goats are mean, angry, dirty lil bitch animals...but getting them drunk and fucking them? This Sailor has limits.
  8. I was into Facebook for quite a while until my Sailors started forgetting they had friended me and started posting something about getting a goat drunk and fucking it... click. Done.
  9. You have a better chance of changing your name vice Bromwell.
  10. I know America is ultra-cool and classy...but who the phuck rides around on a bus without a shirt on?
  11. Like any other large organization, the DOD nor the DON can just afford a blank check to modernize systems. For the DON most shore based assets have been upgraded to 7 or better. The shipboard fleet assets, are harder to touch and manage (non-NMCI).
  12. "Gifts" can pass through easier corridors than purchases... If you're smelling what I'm stepping in?
  13. Here is the SecNav document on the breach... http://www.secnav.navy.mil/donhr/documents/news/opm%20data%20breach%202015.pdf
  14. Better crew in the Waffle in my opinion... a better crew with worse equipment. But 6 tankers will give you 6 different opinions.
  15. Newest WG contest 7/1-7/17. What's freedom to play month without blowing things up?! Help us celebrate with our grand exhibition of fire contest! Start time and date: 07-01-2015, 9:00am PDT End time and date: 07-17-2015, 9:00am PDT Deal double your HP in damage to other tanks and be entered into a random drawing to win prizes! 30 Lucky winners selected at random will receive: 5000 gold 3 FTP keys 3 days of Premium time All you have to do is take a screenshot of your after battle reports and post it here in this thread! Rules: Two Entries per person Both screenshots must be in the same post. Only tanks that are tiers IV-X are viable for this contest. ---------------------------------- The topic can be found here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/450539-a-grand-exhibition-of-fire-contest/unread/
  16. "Oh did I fire premium rounds at you? Damn I'm sorry bro. Let me send you a dick flavored pacifier to make it up to you"
  17. This thread reminds me of the CNN topic du jour... a white woman trying to be black, a black man bleaching to be less black... Just be who you are, and worry about the legacy you create. This thread should be dead.
  18. Tanks are like pants... Not everyone looks the same in them. Ever picked up the hottie and then when you get to peeling clothes off recognized you have made a serious tactical error? You can't put her clothes back on...until your done...
  19. There is nothing wrong with the mod, it's a simple tool to give you a simple indication that you've PROBABLY gone dark again. If you believe it will help you, that's really all that matters. Just remember sixfutsvn; sometimes in this zoo, it's better to not feed the animals.
  20. Newest WG contest! I wish I was more adept with a photo editing program... PAX Prime is often considered to be the holy grail of sweet sweet swag. There are baubles and trinkets aplenty, but nothing beats the coveted t-shirt! Earn yourself some serious cred by entering our Pax Prime T-shirt Design Contest. The winners receive a shipment containing all the official 2015 Wargaming Pax Prime t-shirts (four total), in-game prizes, and the satisfaction of knowing that literally thousands of people are wearing a shirt they designed! Prizes: Submissions will be screened by Wargaming and the top 10 will be put to community vote. The community selected winners will receive: - All four winning contest tees - Type 59 + Garage Slot - 5,000 gold - 1 year of premium time The runner ups will receive: - One winning contest tee - KV-5 + Garage Slot - 2,500 gold - 6 months premium time Rules - Winning submissions will be adapted to a T-Shirt design as deemed appropriate. - Your design should focus on a single Wargaming title. - Designs must be submitted to wga_contests@wargaming.net with “PAX Prime Design Contest” as the subject by July 12th at 12pm (PDT). - Community Voting will open on top ten designs on Wednesday, July 15th and closes Sunday, July 19th at 12pm (PDT). - The designs submitted must be a one color design. - Submissions must be entered in one of the following formats: AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, JPG, TIFF, Raster (300ppi or higher is best) and Vector. - Each entry must be smaller than 15MB in size. - Your submission must be 100% your own. No existing game assets, screenshots, logos, icons, photo sampling, etc. are allowed - Your design must be easily identified as a tank from the World of Tanks universe - All designs must be appropriate for an audience of all ages – this means it must not include obscene or offensive imagery or phrases ---------------------------------- The topic can be found here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/450160-pax-prime-t-shirt-design-contest/unread/
  21. It is limited to just one. okay...I'm lying...as many entries as you like. I'm a recovering Catholic, I'll go to confession.
  22. My mod also says 8-10, but I've never seen a T10.
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